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renal (Bowman's) capsule
start of the nephron, cup-shaped, glomerulus inside
proximal convoluted tubule
a series of loops surrounded by blood capillaries, walls are made of cuboidal epithelial cells with microvilli
loop of Henlé
long, hairpin loop, in the cortex and medulla
distal convoluted tube
a series of loops, walls are made of cuboidal epithelial cells
collecting duct
a tube into which the distal convoluted tubules empty, it itself empties into the renal pelvis
afferent arteriole
tiny vessel that arises from the renal artery, firstly enters the glomerulus
many-branched tuft of capillaries from which fluid is forced out of the blood
efferent arteriole
tiny vessel that leave the renal capsule, it has a smaller diameter an so causes an increase in blood pressure within the glomerulus
peritubular capillaries
a concentrated network of capillaries that surrounds the convoluted tubules and the loop of Henlé, reabsorb mineral salts, glucose and water