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In the early years of the republic, newspapers were financed by
subsidies from political parties and politicians
the press and news media are often refered to as
the fourth branch of the government
when individuals screen out those messages that dont confirm their biases, they are practicing
selective perception
the largest amount of political coverage in newspapers during presidential campaigns is devoted to
day-to-day campaign activities
News coverage by AP has to be nonpartisan because
it serves several papers of various political hues/cues
The new era of electronic journalism is best characterized by
a diminishing importance of the three big networks and a rise in popularity of cable entertainment-type programs
all of the following are true with respect to national newspapers except
their writers tend to have distinctly conservative views
in recent years, the relationship between the media and government officials has become
more adversarial
a war between the US and spain was formed by
william randolph hearst
the term "yellow journalism" was coined to describe media sensationalism in what era?
the turn of the century
Nation, atlantic monthyl, and Harpers were
the first magazines to present public policy issues founded in mid-1800s
to a remarkable degree, media ownership in America is
two local newspapers with national readerships are
the NY times and the washington post
The media typically report presidential elections as horse races because of the medias role as
the national media often play the role of watchdog, meaning they can
expose scandals and investigate personalities
The federal government sued the NY times to prevent it from publishing the
pentagon papers
how frequently do tv broadcasting licenses come up for renewal
every 5 yrs
TV coverage of the house changed radically with the emergence of
Cable TV
For a newspaper to be found guilt of libel, the accused party must
provide clear and convincing evidence that what was printed was malicious
the TV weekly 60 minutes runs a segrment on the role of local politicans in the drug trade. Soon, this issue becomes subject of national debate. In this role, 60 minutes is teh
Issue framer