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Insider Strategy
lobbyists working closely with a few key members of congress, meeting them privatrely to exchange information and sometimes favors
Outsider strategy
plan increasingly used by lobbyists with advent of modern technology and employing grassroots lobbying
an assessment of a representatives voting record on issues important to an interest group
Revolving-Door Influence
the practice of lobbying officials with such promises as employment after their government service
Political incentive
a valued benefit obtained by joining a political organization on behalf of an interest group
issue public
the part of the public that is directly affected by or deeply concerned with a governmental policy
political cues
a signal to a member of congress that identifies which values are at stake in a vote
direct mail
the solicitation of funding through letter campaigns
dirty dozen
a list complied by an enviornmental interest group, of those legislators who voted most frequently against its measures
grassroots support
backing for a public policy that arises or is created in public opinion
a corporate lobbyist would be LEAST likely to have an informal discussion about a pending policy matter with which of the following:
a federal judge in whose court a case important to the corporation is being heard
Interest groups and political parties both promote United States democracy by
linking citizens to the political process
To be effective, purposive membership organizations count on
keeping issues in the spotlight
Organizations that attract members by appealing to a coherent set of usually controversial principles are called
ideological parties
Nader founded a group called
Public Citizen
according to the text, one of the important activities of public interest law firms is to
bring suits on behalf of persons harmed by some public or private policy
Which of the following is NOT a liberal public interest law firm
criminal justice legal foundation
Which of the following form an iron triangle?
bureacratic office, congressional committee, interest group
Which of the following factors best accounts for the rise of interest groups and the decline of political parties in recent years?
Interest groups are better able to articulate specific policy positions than are political parties
An interest group would likely have the greatest influence on policy matters involving
narrow issues, only a few interest groups and technical information
Members of the AARP are most likely to have joined because of
Material incentives
An example of an ideological interest group is
All of the following represent large shifts in the history of interest groups except
1900-1910 - growth of professional interest groups
A major decline of union membership in the US was an
decline in support for unions
Probably the most effective commodity at the command of interest groups is