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How many years was Dr. Manette imprisoned?
almost 18 years
The Mender of the Roads later becam known as who?
The Wood Sawyer
Who were the "Hundreds of People" Miss Pross was referring to?
The men that liked Lucie bt who she thought were not good enough for her. Although the only people that came to the house were Carton and Darnay.
Why did Madame Defarge hate the Evremondes so much?
Because it was the Evremondes who had raped her sister sister and killed her brother and she was the only one of her family left.
Why did Dickens start the novel with "The Period"?
to introduce the setting and the problems that were going on in England and France at the time and to foreshadow the revolution.
What did Carton promise Lucie? What did this foreshadow?
Carton promised Lucie that he would sacrifice his life for Lucie and anyone dear to her. This foreshadowed that something was going to happen to Darnay when he left for Frnace.
Why did Mr. Lorry ask Dr. Manette's opinion as to why "someone" would have a relapse?
He didn't want to surprise Dr. Manette, or get him upset and since he was a doctor, he thought he could explain it. It was in indirect way of telling Dr. Manette that he had relapsed.
What Character is compared to a jackel and why?
Carton because he works with Stryver and although Carton does all the work, Stryver gets all the credit like a jackel who kills its prey but has to wait for another animal to eat it first.
Explain the symbolism of the footsteps Lucie tends to hear sometimes.
She imagines these footsteps as a foreshadow of people that will soon enter their lives.