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Who is Walter?
He is the father of the family; he wants to invest in a liquor store.
Who is Ruth?
She is the mother; she is depressed and feels like there is no reason to live anymore.
Who is Beneatha?
Walter's sister; wants to go to medical school and become a doctor.
Who is Travis?
A twelve year-old boy who sleeps in the living room.
Who is Mama?
The grandmother; wants to own a garden; decides what to do with the insurance money.
Who is Karl Lindner?
The man from Clybourne Park who wants to buy the house from the Youngers.
Who is Mrs. Johnson?
She is the Youngers' neighbor who disapproves of them moving.
Who is Joseph Asagai?
He is Beneatha's friend from Nigeria; he asks her to go with him to Africa.
Who is George Murchison?
Beneatha's wealthy boyfriend; very sexist.
Who is Willy Harris?
The man Walter wanted to go into business with; took the money and ran.
Who is Bobo?
Walter's friend; loses money.
Who is Big Walter?
Mama's husband; worked for insurance money.
Who is Claude?
Mama's child who died.
Who is Rufus?
The boy who Beneatha went sledding with and split his face open.
What were Beneatha's four hobbies?
Horseback-riding, photography, acting, and playing the guitar.
What did the insurance money go to?
$3500 went to buying the house, $3500 went to Walter to start the liquor store, and $3500 went to Beneatha's medical school.
How did Beneatha and Asagai view the future?
Beneatha thought of life as a circle, there was never any progress(realist). Asagai viewed it as a line, thinking it was all changing(idealist).
What was the name of the bar that Walter went to?
The Green Hat
What was Springfield?
Where Walter was supposed to get his liquor license.
Why did Walter drive to Wisconsin?
He stared at the fields because of his depression.
What are some themes of the story?
Dreams, sexism, depression, immaturity, progress, racism.
What was the significance of the plant and the light?
The plant represented the family and the light referred to the life/hope/opportunity for growth.