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Acostumbrar a
to be accustomed to
Arriesgarse a
to risk +ing
Asistir a
to attend
Atreverse a
to dare to
Ayudar a
to help
Comprometerse a
to promise to
Condenar a
to condemn to
Contribuir a
to contribute to
Dar a
to face (toward), to look out on
Decidirse a
to decide to
Esperar a
to wait to
Jugar a
to play
Limitarse a
to limit oneself to
Negarse a
to refuse to
Oler a
to smell of, like
Parecerse a
to resemble
Renunciar a
to give up
Resignarse a
to resign oneself to
Responder a
to answer, respond to
Saber a
to taste of, like
Salir a
to take after
Traducer a
to translate into