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Seperates intracellular (inside the cell) material form extracellular(outside the cell)material. Regulates what enters and leaves the cell?
Cell Membrane
It is the outside lining of the cell. Like the border surrounding the cell.
A gel-like substance inside the cell, but outside the nucleas? The gel is composed mainly of water,electrolytes and nutrients?
Like the white of a raw egg & like a gel flat layer located inside the cell,but outside the nucleus.
The control center of the cell & contains genetic info and controls the workings of the entire cell.The ball w/holes on top surrounds the Nuclear Membrane(triangle).
It is the ball w/tiny holes on it outside the Nuclear membrane (triangle) around the Nucleolus.
Little organs and each have a specific role and temporary structures that appear/dissappear?
Tiny, slipper-shaped organelles located in the cytoplasm."Power-plants" of the cell-Converts energy nutrients into ATP.
Look like white beans w/the zig-zig lines/layers inside if it. The No# of these vary depending on the how hard the cell works?
Inner layer (zig-zig lines)inside the mitochondrial membrane that has many folds is called?
Enzymes associated w/ATP are located along this? Located in Mitochondrion,looks like the zig-zig folds.
Cytoplasmic organelles concerned w/protein synthesis? Floating dots on top of Cytoplasm, inside cell.
Floating dots inside the cell on top of Cytoplasm. attached to the endoplasmic reticulum and other float freely within the cytoplasm?
Transport material through the cytoplasm & long folded membranes(rough like sandpaper) that form channels through which substances move? Concerned w/protein synthesis!
Endoplasmic reticulum (RER)
It is the lines w/dots all around in a circle outside the Nucleus. RER is mostly concerned with Protein Synthesis!
Flattened membranous sacs that packages the protein w/membrane & puts the finishing touches for export from the cell?
Golgi Apparatus
Long wavy worms along left side of cell. Glucose molecule may be attached to a protein w/this?
Membrane sacs w/powerful enzymes and digestive organelles. Helps "clean house"like breakdown intracellular waste and debris.
Shaped/looks a green lima bean. next to Mitochondria. Destructs Bacteria,process called Phagocytosis!
Composed of threadlike structures called microfilaments and microtubules. Helps maintain shape of cell & asssits cell in cellular movement?
Looks like long sticks/tubes crossing each other
Paired, rod-shaped microtubular structures(candycanes) that play a key role in cellular reproduction?
Short, hair-like projections on the outer surface of the cell? Wavelike lines on bottom of cell,moves substances across the surface of the cell?
Help move mucus,trapped dust and dirt away from toward throat,away from lungs? Smokers can damage this!
Similar to Cilia, but thicker longer hairlike projections, help move the cell? Ex.Tail of the sperm that helps it move?
When the Cell membrane chooses/and or select the substance allowed to cross it?
Selective permeable or semipermeable!
A double layer triangel that surrounds the Nucleolus and allow free movement of certain substances between nucleus & cytoplasm?
Nuclear Membrane
It is the triangle that around the tiny inside ball(nucleolus). Enables the mRNA (ribonucleic acid) to move from the nucleus to the cytoplasm!
This is the structural and functional unit of all living matter? Vary in sz,shape and function?
Cells function and structure are closely related!
Name the Cytoplasmic Organelles?
Mitochondria, Ribosomes, Endoplasmic Reticulum, Golgi apparatus, Lysosomes, Cytoskeleton and Cetrioles.
All are little organs in the cytoplasm!
The enzymes associated along the ATP production are located along this?