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What are the function of body fluids?
Transport nutrients, waste removal, cell metabolism, body temp. regulation, lubrication of joints, solvent, present in all body cavities.
A cell & its surrounding environment in any part of the body are primarily composed of?
Fluids (water & solutes)
Total body water (TBW)=?
60% of total body weight in kg.
As we age what happens to the total amount of muscle & fat?
Lose muscle
Gain Fat
(less water)
What is the TBW % of infants?
75-80% at birth
67% at 1yr
Intracellular fluid volume (ICF) accounts for how much TBW?
2/3 TBW (total body water)
(40% of total body weight)
Extracellular fluid volume(ECF) accounts for how much TBW?
1/3 TBW (total body water)
(20% of total body weight)
What are the body water compartments?
Extracellular Fluid Compartment (ECF)
Interstitial fluid
Intravascular fluid
Intracellular Fluid Compartment (ICF)
How much fluid does the average person take in daily?
Where does the fluid come from?
Normal dietary intake
Ingested fluids & water
By-products of metabolism
How is water lost?
Insensible water loss (respiration)
Renal excretion (main source)
What mechanisms work in concert to maintain fluid balance?
Neural & Hormonal
What factors influence the movement of fluids from one compartment to another?
Hydrostatic Pressure
Osmotic Pressure
What is the pressure of blood?
Hydrostatic Pressure
What causes fluid to leave the plasma & enter the interstitial spaces?
Hydrostatic Pressure