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What pollutatnts did Arie Haagen-Smit look at in his study?
Oxides of Nitrogen and Reactive Organic Gasses
Another name for reactive organic gasses (ROG) is:
Volatile organic gasses
What oxidizes nitric oxide into nitrogen dioxide in photochemical smog?
Alkyl Peroxy radicals
Leftover alkoxy radicals create:
peroxyacetyl nitrate (PAN)
What are the 3 size distribution for aerosol particles?
nucleation .1nm
accumulation 1-2 nm
coarse >2nm
Aerosol particles are removed in the air by:
wet deposition, dry deposition, sedimentation
What is the name of a certain black mold that is most harmful to humans?
what is an ozone destruction catalyst that originates within the soil?
Atomic Bromine
What are the 2 types of skin cancer?
Basal cell carcinoma and melanoma. Melinoma isn't caused by exposure to sunlight.
In order for the greenhouse effect to take place, Earth must transmit___________ and absorb_________.
visible radiation;infrared radiation
This researcher discovered that automotive emissions were a source of smog in Los Angeles.
Arie Haagen-Smit
in order for ozone to build up, _________ must be present
Reactive organic gasses
In the SCAB, ozone concentrations are highest in the___________________
Inland Empire
In SCAB, CO concentrations are highest in the________________
Costal PLains
What is a label that describes the level or degree of quality of the air?
What is the AQI?
air Quality Index
What constitutes a stage-1 alert for ozone?
What constitutes a federal clean air standard violation?
Most of the aerosol mass in the LA region is composed of_____
Sea salt
This compound is outgassed by building materials
Name the respiratory deseases
Bronchitis-broncheal tubes
Pulmonary Emphysems- destruction of alveoli
What does CO attach to and create?
Hemoglobin; Carboxyhemoglobin
Name 2 heavy metals
Lead; mercury
This anthropogenic source produces both methane and nitrous oxide
What particles and rays cause mutations?
Alpha and beta particels and gamma rays.
What is acute exposure?
short term, intense
What is chronic exposure?
long term; low-level. Cancer
If an AQMP fails, what happens?
Redesign control measures.
what is the difference between a criterion and a standard?
a criterion tells qualitative measures like "good" A standard is a measure that tells if a current condition is acceptible.
What are the 2 types of response curves?
Binary response curve; sigmund response curve
Peak levels of carbon monoxide occur in the SCAB during the _____ season. This would be a good time to use __________additives in gasoline in order to reduce emmissions of carbon monoxide.
____________can be used instead of gasoline as fuel for automobiles andtrucks to reduce Reactive orgnic gasses.
compressed natural gas
What are the 4 growth processes for aerosols?
coagulation-2 particles stick
solid precipitation-solids drift off
condensation-particles change to a solid or liquid on contact
dissolution-particles get absorbed
When gas molecules stick together to form clusters and eventually get big enough to create an aerosol.
homogenous nucleation
Name all the sources of aerosols.
-Sea spray
-Soil Dust
-Volcanic Eruption
-Biomass and Fossil Fuel burning
-Industrial sources
-Homogenous nucleation
Which UV ray is involved in the production of ozone in the ozone later?
What is the ozone layer null cycle called?
Chapman Cycle
Which UV ray is involved in the destruction of ozone in the ozone layer?
A HEPA filter cna filter particles up to ________diameter
0.3 um
A ULPA filter can filter particles up to ________diameter
0.12 um
What is electrostatic precipitation?
ionizer charges particles and the particles stick to a oppositely charged surface.
Air Swirls and get filtered by impactation
Cyclone seperator
When the middle and lower respiratory system are inflamed, a person may be suffering from________
How do you measure ozone? What are the dimensions?
Dobson Unit; 1cm^2