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A host is
A) Any server on a TCP/IP Network
B) Any device on a TCP/IP network that can send or receive data packets
C) A device on a TCP/IP network that forwards data packets to other networks
D)A device on a TCP/IP network that resolves names to IP addresses
Before a TCP/IP host can communicate with another host on a different network, which of the following settings must it have configured corrected. (Select all that apply)
A) IP Address
B) Subnet mask
C) DNS Server
D) Default gateway
A, B, D
Protocol that enables network mgmt. apps to monitor devices remotely is know as?
Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
Utility to find MAC and IP address on Windows 98? on Windows 2000?
WINIPCFG on Windows 98. IPCONFIG on Windows 2000/2003
The IP address has a default subnet mask of what? ( THe 192 prefix indicates its Class C address)