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who was dred scott
a slave
who was his owner
dr. emerson
when emerson dies, who is scott supposed to go to?
the family
what did the court law when dred scott sued
1. slaves can't sure cause they aren't a citizen
2. he is property
3. he can be taken anywhere
what is the dred scott decision
that southerners who have slavescan bring them anywhere they want but the slaves still aren't free
who would name thirer child dred??
no one sane
who did james buchnan run against in the election of 1856?
what party did millard filmore run under
the know nothing party
what did the know nothing party run under
they didnt want a rupublicnan to be selecte casue they were afrid the union would split
who did lincoln run against in the 1858 elections
stephan arnold douglas
what were lincoln and douglas running for
a chair in the senate
ow mayn debates did they have