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What preventative maintenance should be done once per day?
Backup data
What preventative maintenance should be done once per month?
Vacuum keyboard
Name the CPUs with a 32 bit data bus width
386DX, 386SX, 486DX, 486SX, 487SX, 486DX2, 486DX4, Pentium
Name the CPUs with a 64 bit data bus width
Pentium Pro, PII, PII Zeno, Celeron, PIII, PIII Zeon, P4
What are the CPU speed ranges in MHz of the different Pentium CPUs?
Pentium (60-166), Pentium Pro (150-200), PII (200-233), PII Zeon (400-600), PIII 350-1000, PIII Zeon (350-1000), PIV (1000-3000)
What year did the 64 bit data bus appear in Pentiums?
Pentium Pro 1995
What CPUs were introduced in 1999?
Celeron, Pentium III, Pentium III Zeon
In what year was the Pentium 4 intoduced?
Why were the first Celeron CPUs slow?
No L2 cache
What Processors work with Socket 1, 2, & 3 connector types?
486 SX/SX2, 486 DX/DX3, and 486 DX4 each work with socket 1, 2, or 3.
What processors with with Socket 4?
Pentium 60/66
What processors with with Socket 5?
Pentium 75-133
What processors work with Socket 6?
DX4, Pentium Overdrive
What processors work with Socket 7
Pentium 75-200
What processors work with Socket 8?
Pentium Pro
What processors work with SECC or Slot 1?
Pentium II
What processors work with Socket 370?
Celeron, Celeron II and PIII
What processors work with Socket 423?
Pentium IV
What processors work with SECC2 or Slot 2?
Pentium 3
What processors work with Slot A?
What is the order of Pentium evolution (include years of introduction)
Pentium ('93), Pentium Pro ('95), PII ('97), P III ('99), PIV ('02)
In what class of CPU would you find an SECC (Single Edge Contact Cartridge)?
Only PII or PIII
How many pins were used with EDO and FPO memory?
72 pin 8 bit data bus. This is why you needed to buy four to get them to work with the 32 data bus of the computer.
What are the differences between SRAM and DRAM?
SRAM = larger, cache, very fast, stores until changed (NVRAM), uses transistors. DRAM = less space because capacitors are smaller than transistors. needs refresh, uses capacitors, much cheaper, needs more power
Why was SDRAM faster than EDO or FPO?
SDRAM was the first RAM that synchronized the computer clock to RAM, so there was no wait state.
Why is DDR faster than regular SDRAM?
Double Data Ram works twice as fast because it acts on both sides of the computer's clock tick.
How many pins on a DIMM?
A Duel Inline Memory Module has 168 Pins, 84 on each side.
How many pins on Direct RAMBUS RAM?
184 pins
What is a DIP memory?
In the first motherboards the Dual Inline Package was used and was just chips attached to MB.
Why was SIMM memory better than DIP memory?
A Single Inline Memory module saved space on the MB and was replaceable/upgradeable.