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A Growing State: The Spanish - American War
Lesson 3
pg. 285 - 289
Why did many Cubans move to Florida and other parts of the United States?
Many Cubans moved to Florida and other parts of the United States to avoid living under Spanish rule.
Immigration is the moving to one country to another.
What was the name of the war declared by the United States on Spain on April 25th, 1898 called?
The Spanish - American War.
Who was Jose' Marti?
Jose' Marti was a Cuban writer that came to Tampa in 1891 to gain support for rebellion in Cuba.
Who became the new leader of the revolutioin after the death of Jose' Marti?
Tomas Estrada Palma became the new leader of the revolution after Jose' Marti was killed in battle.
When did Jose' Marti lead a rebellion in Cuba?
Jose' Marti led a rebellion in Cuba in 1895.

He was killed while fighting against the Spanish.
Who were the main leaders in the cause of Cuban independence?
The main leaders in the cause for Cuban independence were ...

- Jose Marti and
- Tomas Estrada Palma.
What did many Cubans living in the United States want for Cuba?
Many Cuban immigrants were loyal to Cuba and wanted Cuba to be independent, to break away from Spain.

Many other people in the United State wanted Cuba to be independent.
Why were many of Florida's cities used as military bases during the Spanish-American War?
Because Florida is so close to Cuba, many of Florida's cities were used as military bases during the Spanish-American War.
Who was Clara Barton?
Clara Barton was a teacher and a nurse that cared for wounded soldiers and the sick in Tampa.

Clara Barton is best known for founding the American branch of the Red Cross in 1881.
Who were the Rough Riders?
The Rough Riders were a fighting group organized by Theodore Roosevelt.

They were mostly cowhands and college athletes.

The Rough Riders helped win the battle of San Juan Hill near Santiago.
How did the Spanish-American War affect Florida?
The Spanish-American War affected Florida by...

- soldiers rebuilding forts,
- soldiers spending money in cities of military bases,
- increasing tourism when soldiers talked about Florida when they returned to their homes,and
- soldiers improving Florida harbors.
When did the Spanish agree to stop fighting?
The Spanish agreed to stop fighting in the Spanish- Amrerican War after American forces defeated the Spanish in Satiago on July 17, 1898.
When did the United States declare war on Spain, after the explosion of the Maine,
on February 15, 1898.
The United States declared war on Spain on April 25, 1898.
What event caused the United States to declare war on Spain?
The explosion of the US battleship, the Maine, in the harbor of Havanna, Cuba on February 15, 1898.