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Who built the first railroad between Florida and another state?
Henry B. Plant built the first railroad between Florida and Georgia.

The railroad connected Jacksonville, Florida and Waycross, Georgia.
An entrepreneur is a person who sets up a new business.
What encouraged tourists to visit Florida?
In the late 1800's tourists where encouraged to visit Florida by...

- travel books encouraging people to visit Florida, and
- new railroads and hotels attracted more people to Florida.
What was the southern ending point for Henry Flagler's railroad?
The southern ending point for Henry Flagler's railroad was Miami, Florida.
To invest is to buy something, like land or a share of a company, in hope that it will make money in the future.
time zone
A time zone is a region in which all the people use the same time.
A resort is a place where people go to relax and have a good time.
Who helped connect the Panhandle with the rest of Florida?
William D. Chipley, helped connect the Panhandle with the rest of Florida by rairoad.

A Growing State : Railroads and Growth
Lesson 1
pg. 268 - 275
About how many miles of railroads were in Florida by 1900?
By 1900, railroads covered more than 3,000 miles in Florida.
Why were railroads important to Florida's growth in the late 1800's?
In the late 1800's, railroads helped Florida's growth by ...

- carrying state products to ports, and
- bringing tourists to the state.
How did Governor William D. Bloxham help Florida pay off its debts?
Governor William D. Bloxham helped Florida pay off its debts by selling 4 million acres of land.
A tourist is a person who travels to a place for pleasure.
Tourism is the selling of goods and services to tourists.