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Name 2 Broad Types of Mobos
Integrated and Non-integrated
Name 4 Mobo Form Factors
Where are the Processor and RAM on ATX Mobos?
At a right angle to the expansion cards
Differentiate MicroATX and ATX
Micro is smaller but similar in layout
What does NLX mean?
New Low Profile Extended
What makes NLX different?
Riser cards to take advantage of reduced vertical space
What does BTX do differently?
Lines up components for better cooling
What is a chipset?
collection of chips that provide interface for memory, expansion cards, and onboard peripherals; designates how mobos will talk to peripherals; often divided to North and South
What is the primary function of the Northbridge?
Communicates with integrated video and processor to memory; data traffic cop; controls South info flow
What is the FSB and what does it do?
Front Side Bus: pathway between RAM and the CPU