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What are the 14 Basic System Components?
Processor, Motherboard, Memory, Input Device, Display Unit, Adapter, Power Supply, Cooling System, Floppy Drive Controllers, Hard Drive Controllers, Internal Modem, Multimedia Devices, Network Card, Specialized Cards
What are tools used for maintenance?
Liquid Cleaning Compounds
Vacuum Cleaner
Power Suppressors
What are the 2 Software Utilities?
Disk Defragmenter
What are some preventive maintenance tips?
check wires for wear and tear
clean the peripherals regularly
Vacuum case regularly
check the voltage
do not smoke near your computer
What is a port?
Interface present on the computer,which is used to attach any peripheral device to the computer
What is a Serial port?
Used for connecting modem or mouse to tne computer, it is a 9-pin or 25-pin male connector
What is a Parallel port?
Used for connecting printer or scanner. It is on the back of your PC and it uses a 25-pin female connector
What is a Universal Serial Bus port(USB)?
Used for supporting data trasfer from USB devices. Mice, Modems, and Keyboards (with USB interface) can be attached through this port
What is an Infrared port?
Used for wireless conectivity between a device and the computer
What is a Registered Jack(RJ)
Used to connect telephone lines(RJ-11)and 10baseT or Ethernet(RJ-45) cables
What is a Cable?
Wires or bundle of wires which act as a transmission medium. A cable is insulated and has a connector at both ends. Mainly used for computer networking
What is a Serial Null Modem Cable?
It allows some signals to pass thru but other signals are routed to different destinations
What is a Straight Through Cable?
It allows all the signals to pass through it straight without any interferance with the flow
What is a Parallel Cable?
It is used by parallel ports, where data and signal transmission takes place simultaneously
What is a Connector?
Component of acable that is inserted into the port to attach adevice to the computer