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To avoid device conflict, what IRQ should use an ISA modem be assigned when installing on a PC that is using a serial mouse?
Which is the main communication method from one PDA to another PDA?
IR (Infared)
What PC component normally comes in PGA, SEDC & SEP packaging?
What color-code is used for the mouse Port on a new PC that uses a DIN 6 connector?
When connecting two PC's via the serial ports, what type of cable should be used?
Null Modem
When considering upgrading Ram on a legacy computer, what determines the memory support by the PC?
The Systtem Bios
For Windows 2000 or Windows XP after installing the software or driver for the USB printer, what would be the NEXT step?
Plug in the USB cable
A client wants to have a CD-Writer installed in his PC. What needs to be kept in mind at installation?
Verify that the two devices are having identical speeds
What type of Port does an external modem typically connect to on a PC?
Serial ports
A PC has four CDRAM slots on the motherboard. They are filled with four 64MB SIMMs. The largest SIMM size allows by the BIOS is 256 MB. What is the Maximum total RAM this system can handle?
1 GB
What is the Maximum transfer speed of ATA 33?
33 Mbps
Which 2 devices assist in cooling the processor?
Heatsink & Fan
Which types of connector plugs a PS/2 port mouse in to the computer?
Din 5 pin
A PCI slot is found where?
When replacing the Master ATA harddrive in a desktop unit, to insure proper function the replacement harddrive should. . .
have the same jumper configuration
A user tells their A+ certified technician that they would like to add a brand new 120 GB hard drive into their Pentium 2 Systems, what problem will they MOST likely come across?
The onboard IDE controller on the motherboard may not support this size
When an A+ Professional adds an 802.11b wireless network adapter to a system, which information is necessary to connect to a secured network?
A user is experiencing on/off/on connection problems with a newly added USB network adapter on a laptop/notebook. The laptop/notebook has the following additional devices attatched:
1 Firewire connected hard disk
1 Firewire connected CD-Writer
1 USB Modem
1 Parallel Port connected printer
1 External Montior
Which of the following is the MOST possible explanation of the problem?
Power Consuption conflict with Firewire devices.
A technician gets a call from a user who is complaining of floppy disks losing the information stored on them. The technician goes user's desk and finds the user's of disk on top of their monitor. What is the probable cause?
The magnetic field from the monitor is erasing the diskettes
A user complains that a computer monitor experiencing a jitter. Replacing the monitor and video card does not fix the problem. Which of the following could be causing the problem?
EMI (Electromagnetic Interference)
A user has a pentium c lass system board with a built-in hard drive controller. The user decides to upgrade the hard drive and purchaces a 10GB ATA 100 drive. The drive is installed and the user reports that the BIOS does NOT recognize the drive. What could be wrong?
The system board does not support the drive
A user reports that when turning on the PC an error message "keyboard is locked" is displayed. The user needs to be able to use the PC. What should be done to fix the PC?
Push the unlock key on the keyboard
When typing DIR C: at an A prompt, the following error occurs: "Invalid Media Type". What is the MOST likely the problem?
The drive has not been partitioned
In Windows 2000 Professional, where can device IRQ information be obtained?
Device Manager
If a technician gets frequent general protection faults, this could indicate:
Poor quality of memory chips
Where is the first place to look when a device has failed?
Device Manager
A customer calls and said that their computer is operating very slowly after ugrading from Windows 98 to Windows XP Professional. What two pieces of information are critical in resolving the issue?
Amount of RAM installed and Processor speed
A computer will not boot, and there are error messages saying that "No Boot device was found". What is a possible cause of this problem?
Failed CMOS battery
After installing a new floppy drive and rebooting the technician notices that the floppy drive light is continuously on and will NOT read floppy disks. WHat seems to be the problem?
The floppy drive cable is reversed
A user recieved and e-mail from someone they did NOT know with and attatchmen they did NOT recognize. They deleted the email after they have opened it. Now the computer response and has frequent lockups. What is the BEST course of action to troubleshoot the problem?
Update the antivirus software and scan for viruses
The first person that a technician should consult with on a problem is:
The person who observed and reported the problem
What voltages does an ATX Power Supply output?
3.3 Volts, 5 Volts and 12 Volts
The TCP/IP protocall that is designed to translate URL into IP addresses is called: