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The _____ provides the framework upon which every other component builds.
The _____ _____ provides current to feed the hungry motherboard.
Power Supply
The motherboard is often referred to as the ____ _____ or _____.
Systems board

Mobo is short for ______
Motherboards come in a variety of shapes and sizes, standardized into configurations called ___ ___.
Form Factors
AT = ______
Advanced Technology
(a form factor)
ATX = ____
Advanced Technology Extended
(AT Extended)
Which is the older.
AT or ATX?
The motherboard's form factor is also directly tied to the type of power supply and case your PC uses. (T/F)
The AT and ATX forms are interchangeable. (T/F)
AT motherboards have been around since _____ (year)
The AT Mobo comes in 2 variations
1 _______
2 _______
1 Full AT
2 Baby AT
The full AT Mobo is approx ____ x _____ inches
9 x 13
What is the only integrated port on an AT mobo?
5-pin DIN for the keyboard located on the rear edge near the top.
Everything but the keyboard hooks up to an AT mobo by means of _______.
Dongles (special adapters that mount in an empty case slot opening) that plug into connectors on the mobo. (headers)
________ are plugs on an AT style mobo that the dongles fit into.
ATX mobos were introduced in (year) _____.
ATX mobos are approx the same size as the _____ __.
Baby AT
What 2 visual cues help you quickly determine if the mobo is AT or ATX.
1 The type of keyboard connector.
2 The # of integrated ports.
Which form factor usually has the mini-DIN (PS/2) connectors for keyboard/mouse, and integrated serial, parallel, and USB ports, and others.
Two popular versions of the ATX form factor are _____ and ______.
Micro ATX

Flex ATX
The Baby AT will fit into an AT case, but not vice versa. (T/F)
The Micro ATX and Flex ATX can fit into an ATX case but the reverse is not true. (T/F)
All motherboards have built-in sockets for vital PC components such as the ___, ___ and ____ _____ devices.
mass storage
The most common type of RAM supported nowadays is the _____.
184-pin double data rate synchronous dynamic RAM
Double data rate synchronous dynamic RAM
DDR SDRAM has how many pins?
An older yet still commmon form of RAM is the 168-pin _______.
Dual inline memory module
What color are the sockets for DDR SDRAM, and the DIMM RAM.
Black with White retention clips.
What RAM socket(s) hold a 72-pin and are white with small metal clips to hold in place?
Single Inline Memory Module
What type of RAM do the newer Pentium 4 processor mobos use.
Rambus Inline Memory Module
Single Inline Memory Module
Dual Inline Memory Module
Rambus Inline Memory Module
Portable computers use 2 different types of reduced-size RAM sticks called _____ ____ DIMM and ____ DIMM.
Small outline DIMM (SO DIMM)

Zero Insertion Force (socket)
The ATX mobo is rotated ___ degrees from that of the AT.
90 degrees
What shape is the ZIF
Square and have a retention lever on one edge.
SEC = ______
Single Edge Contact (sockets)
____ ____ _____ are long and thin, similar in appearance to RAM sockets. (A type of Cpu socket)
SEC (Single Edge Sockets)
Motherboards with more than one cpu are called _____ _____ mobos.
What type of cache memory is used to store frequently accessed commands and data.
Level 2 (L2)
Current CPUs have L2 cache incorporated into the microporcessor package, or die. (T/F)
Did earlier mobos have L2 cache on the motherboard or processor.
IDE = _____
Integrated Drive Electronics
EIDE = _____
Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics
The technology for controlling mass storage devices are called the _____ (older) and the ______ modern.
IDE Integrated Drive Electronics

EIDE Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics.
The sockets that control the mass storage devices are called the __ _____ or ___ and the _____.
AT Attachment OR ATA

ATA and ATA-2 are simply called ___ sockets.
The IDE controller sockets are ______ in shape with __ rows of ____ pins each.
The color can be (multiple)
Brown, White, Blue
Modern mobos have 2 IDE controller sockets, one is called the _______ and the 2nd is called the ______.
Primary Channel

Secondary Channel
IDE controller sockets are always black. (T/F)

they are usually
PATA = ______
Parallel ATA
SATA = ______
Serial ATA
PATA refers to the older parallel ATA (AT attachment)/IDE (T/F)
SATA refers to the newer serial ATA (AT Attachment)/IDE (T/F)
What are 4 types of mass storage devices?
Hard drives
DVD media
tape back up
What is an advantage of the newer SATA vs. the older PATA?
They use a 4 pin socket vs. the older uses a 40 pin socket
& they use a smaller cable to allow better airflow.
In the PC world a ___ is a pathway.
ISA = _____
Industry Standard Architecture
PCI = _____
Peripheral Component Interconnect
AGP = _____
Accelerated graphics port
USB = ______
Universal Serial Bus
What PC was the first ISA in?
IBM (vaunted?)
butilt around the Intel 8088
What IRQs did the first ISAs offer? (8 bit ISA)
What IRQs did the first ISAs offer? (16 bit ISA)
When did the 16 bit ISA come out, & ran at what speed?
1984 and at 8.3 MHz
Are/were 16 bit ISA slots backward compatible with the 8 bit ISAs?
The first mainstream PC was simply called the IBM PC but most techs call it the 8088, in reference to the Intel CPU.
When was the PCI bus introduced.
How many bit(s) does the PCI bus have?
32 bit
Name a big advantage for using a PCI bus?
The PCI bus automatically configures PCI cards and allows automatic configuration of the IRQs.
PCI slots are usually what color?
The AGP bus was designed specifically for _____ and supports only _____ adapters.
AGP provides a direct connection between the processor and the video card. (T/F)
What bus widths does the AGP come in?
32 bit & 64 bit
How fast can the 32 bit-wide AGP operate?
Up to 66 MHz (the speed of the processor's memory bus)
How fast can the 32 bit AGP 4x operate? (Using the maximum transfer rate formula)
1.07 Mbps
How fast can the 64 bit 4x move data?
Twice the speed of 32 AGP 4x
(max = 2.1 Mbps)
How fast can the 64 bit AGP 8x operate?
up to 4.2 Mbps
AGP slots are usually what color? And resemble what other bus?
Brown, PCI
Are AGP and PCI slots interchangeable?
No, they are configured to prevent mixups.
The most common types of bus architectures that you will see on modern computers are?
Name 2 external buses?
USB, FireWire
The PCs power supply converts __ power from the outlet to lower __ power that your computer needs.

All power supplies have 3 types of connectors.
motherboard power connectors
Molex connectors
Mini connectors
The AT form factor uses a pair of connectors called the __ and the __ to provide power to the mobo.
When connecting the P8 and the P9 you should remember what saying?
Black to Black
ATX power supplies use a single type __ power connector to supply power to the mobo.
The P8, P9, and the P1 are all "faced" so you cannot install them backwards. (T/F)
True, however you can switch the p8 & p9 (black to black)
What is an ATX12V?
An advanced type of power supply for the Pentium 4 & some Athlon Xp CPUs.
The ATX12V power supply has 2 connectors. What are they and how many pins do they have and what is their capacity?
P4 = 4 pin 12 volts

P6 = 6 pin 3.3-5.0 volts
The connectors for the ATX12V are _____ & _____ in shape.
Rectangular & square
The "Molex" connector is primarily for powering what 4 devices?
Hard Drives
CD drive (All mass storage)
DVD drive
Tape backup drives
"Molex connectors have notches called ______ that make installation nearly foolproof.
What are the colors of the wires on a Molex connector?
Red +5dc
Black GND
Black GND
Yellow +12dc
The miniconnector is used on what type of drive?
3.5 inch floppy drive
The standard miniconnector can easily be inserted backwards to fry your floppy drive. (T/F)
True, and there is no standard position for the socket for the miniconnector.
What are the colors of the wires & voltages on a miniconnector?
Red +5DC
Black GND
Black GND
Yellow +12DC
How many watts does an average PC with 2 hard drives and a CD-ROM use?
115-130 while running and 200 watts during boot sequence.
The more devices/drives your PC has the greater capacity of a power supply is needed (T/F)
Are power supplies made to be serviced by techs in the field?
What are the 5 basic sizes for PC cases for consumers/workstations?
1 low-profile (slimline)
2 desktop, 3 mini-tower
4 mid-tower, 5 Full-tower
What are some features that separate better PC cases from lower quality models?
Finished edges, Quick-release drive bays, detachable mobo tray, and removable front bezel/faceplate
What is a (mod) kit?
A type of decorative case kit involving fiber optics or LEDs or even neon lights.