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Electrostatic discharge
Regular cleaning of your PC will _____,_____ and ______.
prolong the life of components
help prevent ESD
help prevent Overheating
The best form(s) of water to use when cleaning CPU components is _______ or _______.

If water alone cannot clean the area, use a mild soap solution. ____ soap is best.
Be sure to ______ it throroughly.

________ ________ is used to clean electrical contacts and components such as ________ ______ drive heads.
Denatured Alcohol

Floppy disk
Never use Denatured Alcohol on mechanisms such as _____ or ______ ______ _____.

rubber drive belts.
Some monitor screens have a special coating that can be damaged by _______ _______ cleaners such as _______.
commercial glass cleaners

NEVER use ______ _______ on an LCD display screen. You can melt the screen, instead use either ______ ______ or a ______ and _______ solution.
glass cleaner
clean water
vinegar/water solution.
What is the ratio for a Vinegar/water solution. Great for monitors, LCDs or scanner beds.
1 part vinegar & 4 pars H20

Fabric softener solution is made up of _____ part fabric softener to _____ parts H20 to clean the plastic casing of the computer components.
1 part fb to 10 parts h20
________ or ________ come in spray from and as premoistened toweletts. (Commercial cleaning solutions)

Name 5 cleaning tools for a proper cleaning tool kit.
1 Canned Air
2 Lint-free cloth
3 Small soft bristled brush
4 Swabs
5 Non-static vacuum.
Canned air comes in 2 different forms; the ______ propellant kind and the kind that uses compressed ____.

Should you always keep the can of canned air upright?
Yes, because it can spray your cpu's components with liquid (irreversible damage) and you with frostbite.
How long do you shake a can of air before use?

It doesn't need to be shaken and could EXPLODE! (small risk)
Never use _____ _____ cleaning products to clean in or on your computer.
Dry Dusting = use static to attract dust. BAD BAD BAD.

(ex. Swiffer sweeper)
Why are rubber erasers not recommended for cleaning grime from contacts.
They contain acids that can leave a residue or destroy contacts.
______________ can be used to suck dust and grime from inside your pc, but not a household version.
Non-static Vacuum.
If you have any doubts about a commercial cleaning solution you should______?
Call the manufacturer before use.
To clean track ball mouse _________ is recommended for the cover, buttons and ball.
A damp cloth, a swab dipped in denatured alcohol for any loose dir, lint, and hair wrapped around the tracking rollers.
How should an optical mouse sensor be cleaned?
A lint-free swab dipped in denatured alcohol diluted with water does well.
After cleaning your keyboard a good idea is to _________.
let it air dry for 48 hours before use if you use any kind of cleaning liquids.
Before cleaning your monitor, make certain that _______.
The monitor is turned off and is unplugged. CRTs store energy even when unplugged so be careful not dead.
How often should you remove your monitor cover for cleanings?
NEVER NEVER NEVER remove your monitor cover for any reason!
A ______ occurs when the supply of electricity drops dramatically but does not completely go out.
_________ occur when the power is completely lost.
Blackouts/brownouts can cause....
damage to your cpu/components due to the reintroduction of power or data loss/corruption.
Electromagnetic Interference.
EMI = electomagnetic interference is caused by _______ or ________.
electrical noise created by voltage carried between power cable running near each other/Excessively long cables.
Effects of EMI are
power sags(brownouts) and surges that can lead to data loss or component damage.
______ _____ occur when the voltage on your power line rises suddenly to above-normal levels.
Power spikes
Name 5 types of electrial damage that can affect a PC.
Power spikes
EMI occurs when two signals are close enough to each other to interfere with each other. (T/F)
Many techs call a UPS a _____ ______.
battery backup
Uninterruptible Power supply
A ___ has built in batteries that supply power to your PC when the electricity coming through the power line drops below a certain level.
This device has an integrated alarm to notify you that your PC is running off of battery power.
A UPS gives you a short window of opportunity to save your data and shut the PC down properly. (T/F)
SPS = _____
and is a type of ____
Standby Power System
A _____ actively monitors electricity coming through the power line and begins supplying power as soon as the unit detects a sag.
UPSs come in 2 main forms, the ______ and ______.
SPS = Standby Power System
Online UPS
Electrial damage can occur to your PC even when using a SPS?
(T/F) Why?
True, because it monitors then kicks in, but a brief moment no power, i.e. data loss/corruption
A _____ ___ acts as a power source for your PC, using the outlet to simply recharge its internal batteries.
Online UPS
Which is better a SPS or a UPS? Why?
UPS, pc runs off of the batteries no time lost for data loss/corruption.
UPSs can also even out fluctuations in power from the outside. (T/F)
Plugging in a laser printer into a UPS draws massive amounts of power and can interfere with the function of the UPS and prevent proper shutdown. (T/F)
_____ ______ help absorb power surges so that your computer does not feel their effects.
Surge Suppressors
______ ______ can come in separate modules or integrated into a UPS.
Surge Suppressors
What is the only secure way to protect your PC from electrical threats.
Unplug the PC and all its peripherals. (Monitor, scanner, modem, everything)
EMI can be controlled by using _________________ and through the use of special ____ ________.
cables with a Mylar coating

EMI noise filters
What is the safest way to store components for future use?
In the original packaging or in an antistatic bag.
_________ bags are great for avoiding ESD.
What is/are a good way to prevent moisture damage from stored components?
put silica-gel packets in the anti-static bag with the components.
ESD = ______
Electrostatic Discharge
The damage caused by ESD can be ________ damage or ________ ________.

gradual ESD degradation.
Catastrophic ESD causes a computer component to fail _______.
ESD degradation occurs when....and.....
the effects of ESD are cumulative. Where low levels of ESD occur repeatedly. Eventually the effects get more & more noticeable.
Name some common ESD protection Devices (5)
1 Antistatic wrist strap
2 Ankle strap
3 Antistatic mats
4 Antistatic floor mats
5 Antistatic sprays.
Antistatic devices work by ________.
Evening out the differences between your body's electrical potential of the electrical potential of your PC or PC component.
Everything has a certain ______ _______, or how charged it is relative to the zero ground of the Earth.
Electrical Potential
One common way to ground yourself before touching any of your system components is ______.
By touching a metal surface such as the exterior of the PC power supply.
Antistatic wrist/ankle straps do what?
Keep you at same relative electrical ground level as the computer components on which you are working.
Antistatic wrist/ankle straps can attach/go to what.
Clip goes to a metal device,
Prong goes in the ground of an electrical outlet to ground you.
Antistatic wrist/ankle straps help fight ESD when working with a CRT or other high voltage device. (T/F)
False, they increase the chances of the wearer getting severely shocked.
Never remove your antistatic wrist/ankle strap for any reason. (T/F)
False, CRT/high voltage areas do not mix well with a ESD bracelet, and don't forget before walking away.
Antistatic Mats/floor mats do what?
Help dissipate ESD for a work area or a floor. An ESD mat is like a large placemat.
What is the difference between a ESD mat and an ESD floor mat.
The floor mat is larger and the mat comes with a metal clip for a antistatic strap.
Which should you use and why.
Regular bags or antistatic bags to store/move components?
Antistatic, regular plastic conducts static electricity and is very bad.
Antistatic sprays are good to help keep down static, you should ______ use these sprays directly on components.
Antistatic sprays are very effective at dissipating ESD in your work area. (T/F)
False, it is not recommended or effective.
The weather and certain types of clothing can effect the amount of ESD potential. (T/F)
What type of weather can increase the chances for ESD.
Cold & Dry
What is the best type of material for clothes to minimize ESD.
Most natural fibers, cotton & linen,

What types of fabrics are good to wear
bad to wear
for dealing with ESD.
Good. cotton/linen
Bad. Silk/Synthetics
What type of soled shoes are good to wear to prevent ESD.
Rubber soled.
Is wearing jewelry good/bad when working on a computer?why?
BAD. you can short out components by touching them, scratching/scraping things.
The type of Extinguisher to use on a computer or other electrical fire is the Type __.
Type C
or Type ABC
What is the proper way to dispose of batteries?
Take them to a recycling center or send them back to the mfg.
What is the proper way to dispose of a nonfunctional CRT?
Send it to a commercial recycler or contact your city's hazardous waste mgt dept.
MSDS = ________
Material Safety Data Sheet
If you have any doubts or questions about how to handle and dispose of chemicals or compounds you should refer to the ____.
Material safety data sheet