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Arithmetic overflow
A situation that arises when the computer's memory cannot represent the number resulting from an arithmetic operation.
Boundary Condition
A value at which two equivalence classes meet
Combinatorial Explosion
A multiplicative growth
Complete Code Coverage
A set of tests in which every line in a program is executed at least once
Equivalence class
All the sets of test data that exercise a program in the same manner
Extended if Statement
Nested selecetion in which additional if-else statements are used in the else option
Extreme Condition
Data at the limits of validity
Logical operator
Either of the logical connective operators (&&,II) or the negation operatot (!)
Nested if Statement
A selection statement used within another selection statement
Nested Loop
A loop as one of the statements in the body of another loop
Quality assuraance
The ongoing process of making sure that a software product is developed to the highest standards possible to the ever-present constraints of time and money
The state in which a program in protected against most possible crashes from bad data and unexpected values
Truth Table
A means of listing all of the possib;e values of a Boolean expression