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Frontal and Occipital Belly
Origin: galea aponeurotica
Insertion: skin of eyebrows and root of nose
Action: raises eyebrows and pulls scalp posteriorly
Orbicularis Oculi
Origin: Frontal and maxillary bones and ligaments around orbit
Insertion: Encicles orbit and inserts in tissue of eyelid
Action: closes eye
Corrugator Supercilii
Origin: arch of frontal bone above the nasal bone
Insertion: skin of eyebrow
Action: draws eyebrows medially and inferiorly, wrinkles skin of forehead vertically
Levator Labii Superioris
Origin: Zygomatic bone and infraorbital margin of maxilla
Insertion: skin and muscle of upper lip and border of nostril
Action: Raises and furrows upper lip and opens lips
Zygomaticus- major and minor
Origin: Zygomatic bone
Insertion: Skin and muscle at corner of mouth
Action: raises lateral corners of mouth upward (smiling muscle)
Origin: Fascia of masseter muscle
Insertion: Skin of angle of mouth
Action: Draws corners of lip laterally; tense lip; zygomaticus synergist
Depressor labii inferioris
Origin: Body of Mandible lateral to its midline
Insertion: Skin and muscle of lower lip
Action: Draws lower lip inferiorly
Depressor anguli oris
Origin:Body of mandible below incisiors
Insertion:Skin and muscle at angle of mouth below insertion of zygomaticus
Action: Zygomaticus antagonist; draws corners of mouth downward and laterally.
Orbicularis oris
Origin: Arises indirectly from maxilla and mandible ; fibers blended with fibers of other muscles associated with lips
Insertion: Encircles mouth; inserts into muscle and skin at angles of mouth.
Action: Closes mouth; purses and protrudes lips (kissing and whistling muscle)
Origin: Mandible below incisors
Insertion: Skin of chin
Action: Protrudes lower lip; wrinkles chin