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What are the two terms given to the method by which dot-matrix printers pass paper through the printer?
Friction feed
Tractor feed
Dot-matrix printers typically come in ___ and ___ pin versions
Which of the following laser printer components is responsible for “cleaning” the previous image from the photosensitive drum?
The erasure lamp
What is the name given to the rubber roller found in a dot-matrix printer?
In which step of the laser printing process is the laser active?
The laser is used to “write” the image of the printout onto the printer’s drum.
Which of the following printer types uses ink sticks in the print process?
Solid ink printers melt ink sticks into a reservoir where the ink is sprayed onto the paper.
Which of the following would be described as an impact printer?
A user calls you to report that they are having a problem with paper in their laser printer, but when you visit the printer you cannot find any paper inside it. What are you most likely to check first?
The paper feed sensors
You are troubleshooting a printer problem where a user cannot print from their program, but you are able to print a test page from the front panel of the printer itself. Which of the following could be the cause of the problem?
The printer driver
A user calls to report a problem with their laser printer. The page appears correctly, but if they wipe their hand over the page the toner comes off. Which of the following is most likely to be the problem?
The fuser is not operating correctly
After installing a new printer, many of the print jobs do not turn out as expected and are displayed with unreadable print. Which of the following might correct the problem?
Update the drivers in the PC.
What kind of network cable is used in a network that uses BNC connectors?
Thin coaxial
The degradation and quality of a signal as it travels over the wire is referred to as what?
In which of the following transmission methods can data be sent and received at the same time?
What kind of network cabling do you associate with an RJ-45 connector?
What would you use a crossover cable for? (Choose two)
Connecting two PCs together without using a hub or switch
Connecting two hubs or switches together
You are installing a network that uses fiber-optic cabling and a push-pull connector. What type of connector are you using?
While reviewing the specifications for a network card, you notice that the card is capable of 100 Mbps. What does Mbps stand for?
Megabits per second
You buy a new network card that has an ST connector on it. What kind of network cabling are you using?
Which of the following network protocols might use an address of
What name is given to the software component that determines the language by which computers on the network communicate with each other?
You have just installed a new modem in your computer, and it seems to be working fine, but when you try to connect to the Internet you find that the mouse is no longer working. What is the most likely cause of this problem?
There is an IRQ conflict.
Which of the following Internet connectivity technologies uses a signaling system in which two channels are used to carry data and a third channel is used for carrying signaling information?
Basic Rate Interface (BRI) ISDN uses two B, or bearer channels, and one D channel for signaling.