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You are reading the specifications of a new monitor and notice that it has a .28 dot pitch. What does this mean?
distance, in millimeters, between dots of the same color on the screen
Which organization is responsible for issuing Energy Star compliance status?
The amount of time it takes to redraw the picture on the screen is known as what?
The refresh rate
You are replacing a power supply in a computer that uses an AT motherboard. What is the correct way to install the power connectors?
So that the black wires are next to each other
The IEEE 1394 interface is also referred to as what?
What is the name given to the older style keyboard connector associated with AT motherboards?
DIN-5 - Older style AT keyboard connectors are called DIN-5 connectors
What is the maximum number of devices you can connect to a USB bus?
127 - By using hubs and daisy chaining them together, it is possible to connect up to 127 devices on a USB bus.
How much video RAM would you need to display 800600 in 16 colors?
.5 MB - To display a resolution of 800600 in 16 colors you would need .5 MB of video memory.
What device would you install in a PC to allow it connect to the network?
NIC - Network interface cards, or NICs, are devices that are installed in PCs to facilitate connectivity to the network
Which of the following components would not be considered an FRM?
ZIF socket - A field-replaceable module is defined as one that can be replaced in the field without specialized tools or knowledge. Because a ZIF socket is joined to the motherboard by a complex set of connections, it would not be considered an FRM.