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What were some factors that led to the downfall of the Romans?
-Barbarian Invasion
-political weakness
-food shortages
What empire would continue to carry on the traditions of Rome?
The Byzantine Empire
More than __________ people werepart of the Roman Empire.
16 million
The Roman Empire stretched across ______ continents.
3 continents
The Roman Empire was built along the __________________ ____________________________.
Banks of the Tigris River.
How did the Roman Empire continue to grow?
The Roman Empire kept conquering new lands.
What made roman emperors more successful than others?
They were well organized.
What were 10 accomplishments and strengths of Rome?
1) Aqueducts
2) Temples
3) Markets
4) Buildings (coleseums, theaters)
5) Army
6) Politics
7) Stone Roads
8) Land (large expansion)
9) Latin language
10) Religion
What was done to Christians in the Roman Empire?
They were fed to lions before Canstatine became emporer.
When did the Roman Emperor fall?
In 476 AD
Who was Ocoacer? Why was he significant?
He was the new emporer and he killed Constatine.
What did the Edict of Milan Declare?
- Legal Staus for Christians
- Properties were returned to the Chirstians
- Christians could not be persecuted.
What did constantine do after defaeting Licinius?
He became the sole Roman emporer, he began building new Christian churches, he made laws more strict, he reoganized the army, and he became recognized as the first Christian emperor.
What did Constantine ask for on his death bed in 337 A.D.?
To be baptized
What did Pax Romana mean?
The peace of Rome