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What is a republic??
A republic is a type of government in which officials were choosen by the people.
What is the difference between a Patrician and a Plebian??
Patricians are members of the landowning upperclass who take part in the Senate. Plebians are the farmers, merchants, artisans, and traders who made up the bulk of hte population.
What was the Pantheon??
The Pantheon was a temple to all Roman gods and goddesses that still stands today.
What was Pax Romana??
Pax Romana was a 200 year period of peace for the Roman Empire.
What was civil law??
Civil law was a system of law that applied to all citizens.
What were the importance of aqueducts in Roman society??
They were bridge like stone strucutes that brought water from the hills into Roman cities.
What were some of the common principals of Roman law??
-people of the same status are equal before the law.
-an accused perosn is presumed inncoent until proven guilty
-the accused should be allowed to face his or her accuser and defend against the charge
-guilt must be established through evidence
-decisions should be based on fairness allowing judges to interpret the law
What was a messiah??
A messiah was a savior sent by god.
What was a small group within Judaism called??
What are mercenaries??
Mercenaries are foreign soldiers serving for pay to defend their borders.
What were bishops??
Church officials who were responsible for all Christians in an area called a diocese.
What was the leader of the Early Roman Catholic Church?? What were some of his responsiblilities??
The pope was the leader of the Roman Catholic Church. He was the Head of the Church and all other leaders acknowledged this leader.
What was the type of ruler called who had complete control of the government and how did he get in power??
These rulers who had complete control over a governement were called dicators and were granted power during emergency situations. This type of government died down very quickly.
What was a legion??
A legion was a basic unit made up of about 5,000 men.
What did Augustus create for the empire??
A stable government