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differences between the paleolithic and neolithic
in the paleolithic people were hunters and gatherers
in the neolithic people made permanent settlements
benefits of the growth of civilizations
not everyone has to contribute to keep every one alive
more protection
drawbacks of the growth of civilizations
the more people u have the more land u need so war starts
with more people u need more food
sumerian civilization
each city-state consisted of an urban center and its surrounding farmland
Priest controled everything
The greatest achievement of Sumerian civilization was their CUNEIFORM ("wedge-shaped") system of writing.
The code of Hammurabi
282 laws Most were concerning marriage and family
what are the Three social classes in The code of Hammurabi
upper class men
middle class men
lower class men
early egyptian civilization
egypt was not unifided there was an upper and lower egypt
menes becomes the first pharoh