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The quality of our health depends ultimately on ... (3 things)
1. the air we breathe
2. the water we drink
3. the land we grow our crops on
Your body needs _____ to carry out simple functions
as the ______ increases, so does the need for _______
population, resources
______ _________ is water pollution that can happen if untreated animal/human wastes enter the water system
Biological pollution
T/F for people that drink from a private supply of water, tests should be done to check for safety
the most effective way to reduce the amount of waste is to ____
taking shorter showers, using fewer pans while cooking, and being sure the home is insulated can all _______ ________- at home
conserve engergy
No matter where you are you are always interacting with the ___
water covers _ percent of the world
T/F We do not need good clean soil to grow crops for a healthy food source
It is the creation of ___ that has the most immediate effect on health
too often, ____ consideration is given to the impact of wastes on human health
T/F Europe uses more resources than any other country
Freud developed a personality theory called the ________ which stated what?
The Psychoanalytic approach, it stated tathe very action emotion and thought is the result of subconscious wishes or fears
The social learning personality theory revolves around
A ____ is a very outgoing person
how you behave in response to your environment
a learned behavior
a person who someone watches and imitates
a role model
T/F your gender does not play a very important role in your personality
In addition to food, shelter, and consistent care, infants need ____ and ___
love and affection
the state of being full-grown is known as
emotional maturity
______ _______ is often a stage of reflection of goals during adulthood
Middle Adulthood
in order to see if personality changes are necessary, a __ ____ can be done alone or by asking a close friend
T/F Each person is born essentially good
Physical characteristics such as height and hair color are determined by
Children often have level sof intelligence that are similar to those of their ___
Scientists study ___ ___ to determine the role of heredity in intellignece because of the same genetic make up
identical twins
you are not born with all of the triats that influence your ____
the effect of gender on personality is largely due to the ___ of ___
expectations of society
you heart rate ____ ___ when you are angry
speeds up
____ is one of the deepest kinds of love two peole can share
___ is a form of displeasure when you feel and behave in an unfriendly way
you feel ___ when you believe you are in danger
___ is when you push away painful thoughts or feelings from conscious thought.
____ is seeing your own faults or feelings in other people, even when they do not have them
____ allows people to see others as they want, but keeps them from seeing others as they really are
___ is the refusal to recognize reality
often ___ is learned from watching others
your ___ cann affect you physically, mentally, socially, and intellectually
T/F if you are aware of your emotions, you may have difficulty expressing yourself
all people have the ability to give ___ and the need to receive it
your ___ is your own learned response to a situation
t/f when fearful it is not best to deny the emotion
___ can help you live according to your conscience
___ is your body's response to physical or mental demands or pressures
negative use of stress
a common physical sign of stress
a pounding heart
the first stage of the stress response stage
the alarm stage
in the ____ ____ of the stress response, you are unable to fight, flee, or resist
exhaustion stage
and example of ____ ____include an argument w/ your family, transportation problems, and the alarm clock not going off
daily hassles
concerns over ____ affect all groups of people, which can add to stress
an ____ is a hole or sore in the intestine just beyond the stomach or in the lining of the stomach
____ ____ results in your heart rate, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels to increase
heart diseases
____ is drawing a broad conclusion from too little evidence
____ can help people learn to recognize how stress affects their bodies and how to counteract those effects.
if you think that you cannot do something, you may exert less effort. this is know as ____ ____ ____
self-fulfilling prophecy
each time you ____ your body responds physically and psychologically
____ is related to negative and postitve things in life
____ is an emotional sign of stress
____ ____ cause stress because they require a person to make a choice between multiple options
internal conflicts
T/F stressors change as you get older
t/f skin disorders, cold sore, acne, and hives have all been linked to stress.
the ____ ____ is strong, but stress can weaken it
immune system
in basketball ____ is one way to move the ball down court
the national basketball league began in
in basketball, how are points scored?
by making free throws and field goals
what is a field goal in BBall?
a shot made from anywhere on the court
what is a foul shot in BBall?
a shot made from the foul line
at the beginning of a regulation BBall game there are ____ players on each team
in team handball, the best way to move the ball down the court is by
in team Handball, play begins with a
____ ____ is an example of a common foul in team Hball
double dribble
person to person is a defensive strategy when playing ____ ____
team handball
team handball became an olympic sport for men/women in
T/F hittina an oppened is an example of a flagrant foul when playing Team Hball
Volleyball was originally called
in 1895 ____ ____ invented the game of volleyball
william g. morgan
T/F team rotation is not necessary in order to ensure that all players take turns playing the various positions on the court
Volleyball became a very import sport to the troops of
World war 1 and 2
in ____ the ymca held the 1st national volleyball champs
in ____ 2 person beach volleyball became an olympic sport
the second organized badminton club was founded in ____ in 1899
the original IBF included ____ national badminton organizations
T/F the game of badminton got its name from german soldiers
False, english
in badminton, a ____ is catching the shuttle on your racquet and then slinging it
in badminton, a ____ is hitting the shuttle back and forth with an opponent
a ____ must be delivered to the diagonal service court, done underhand, and done first from the right side of the court
in the first form of table tennis, ____ and ____ were the paddles and balls
cigar boxes and rounded corks
table tennis was first introed in ____
the 1880's
what move gave table tennis national spotlight?
forrest gump
T/F a player cannot lose a point in table tennis by strinking the ball out of sequence,failing to make a good serve, and by touchin the ball with the free hand
a match in table tennis consisting of a paired team competing against another paired team is
in table tennis if the score is ____ the team must win by ____
21, 2 points
the first game of indoor baseball was held in ____ in ____
chicago, 1887
there are ____ players on a softball team
in softball, games are ____ innings
due to shorter distances between bases, players cannot ____ of his/her base until ball is pitched
an example of a player getting out is, catching a batted ball on the fly, taggin player with ball before they touch base, and when a player...
gets 3 strikes at bat
a ____ in softball is making ____ in one coninuous play
double, two outs