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no size
represented by a dot
has location
collection of points going in opposite directions
no thickness
one dimensional
flat surface
goes on forever in all directions
2 dimensional
has no bounds
need at least 3 points to name it
collection of all points
Collinear points
points that are on the same line
non-collinear points
points that are not on the same line
need at least 3 points to be non-collinear
coplanar points
points in the same plane
non-coplanar points
points not on the same plane
need at least 4 points to be non-coplanar
section of a line with 2 end points
section of a line with one endpoint and all points extending in one direction from the endpoint
opposite rays
rays with the same endpoint headed in opposite directions
congruent segment
segments with the same length
midpoint of a segment
divides the segment into two congruent segments
bisector of a segment
a line, ray, segment, or a plane that goes through the midpoint of a segment.
a figure formed by two rays that have the same endpoint
acute angle
between 0º and 90º
right angle
obtuse angle
between 90º and 180º
adjacent angles
angles with a common vertex and a common side
one is NOT inside the other
bisector of an angle
a ray that divides an angle into two congruent angles
perpendicular lines
two lines that form right ∠'s
vertical ∠'s
2 ∠'s whose sides form two pairs of opposite rays
complementary ∠'s
2 ∠'s whose sum is 90º
supplementary ∠'s
2 ∠'s whose sum is 180º
Parallel lines
coplanar lines that do not intersect
skew lines
noncoplanar lines that do not intersect
parallel planes
planes that do not intersect
a line that intersects two or more coplanar lines
corresponding ∠'s (corr ∠'s)
tow ∠'s in corresponding positions
alternate interior ∠'s (AIA's)
2 nonadjacent interior ∠'s on oppposite sides of a transversal
alternate exterior ∠'s (AEA's)
outside opposites
Same-Side Interior ∠'s (SII's)
∠'s on the same side of the transversal within the two lines