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What type of poem is War is Kind, by Stephen Crane?
What is the main point of War is Kind?
War is not kind.
What could be the moral of the story, A & P, by John Updike?
Do not make rash decisions because you will soon regret them.
What is a reason why Sammy's walk-off in A & P may have been a positive thing?
Sometimes speaking your mind when you have a problem with somebody or some people may be a good thing.
In The Story of the Hour, by Kate Chopin, what is the underlying theme about women of the time period?
Women were looked down on by men, especially the ones who were close to them.
When she thought her husband died in the Story of the Hour, was Mrs. Mallard happy or unhappy?
She was happy.
Suprisingly, when Mrs. Mallard's husband came back at the end in the Story of the Hour, did she die of shock, happiness, or despair?
What is the overall theme of The Wolf and the Mastiff?
Better starve free, than be a fat slave; it is better to die then to be enslaved.
In the Widow of Ephesus, who saved Ephesus when she was starving in the tomb moarning her dead husband and what is the significance of the person who saved her?
The soldier who was guarding the crusifiction site saved her by giving her food; the irony is that they quickly fell in love.
In the Widow of Ephesus, what did Ephesus do to save her lovers life?
She sacrificed the dead body of her quickly forgotten dead husband by nailing him to the cross.
During A Rose for Emily, where was the smell in Miss Emily's house comming from and who was responsible for it?
The smell was from the corpse of her former lover, Homer Baron. The significance is that she killed him years ago when he tried to abandon her.
Where did the story of A Rose for Emily take place?
In a backwards, post war, southern town.
In A Rose for Emily, what kind of relationship did Emily and her father once have?
He controlled and manipulated her.
What kind of story is the Wolf and the Mastief?
What kind of story is the Widow of Ephesus?