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Major Pelvis=________

Minor Pelvis=________
false pelvis;

true pelvis
The _________ separates the true and false (major & minor) pelvises.
pelvic brim (the true pelvis lies inferiorly and the false superiorly)
The _____, _______, & ________ compose the PELVIC BRIM.
sacral prominatory; ala of sacrum; arcuate line
The pelvic inlet is bounded by the __________.
linea terminalis
The linea terminalis is composed of: _______, ______, ________, _______, _______, & ________
sup. margin of pub. symphis; post. border of pub. crest; pectin pubis; arcuate line of ilium; ant. border of sacral ala; sacrl prominatory
The pelvic outlet is bounded by the ____, ____, _________, _______
inf. margin of pub. symphs; inf. rami of pubis and ischial tuberosities; sacrotuberous ligaments; tip of coccyx
The ______ surrounds the pelvic inlet.
pelvic brim
The female pelvis is less ______, has a wider _______, and is ______ shaped (while the male's is ____-shaped)
ostentatious (less heavy boned); subpubic angle; oval-shaped (heart-shaped for males)
The ischeal spines are _____ (closer together or farther apart) for a male than a female.
closer together---a female needs 10.5 cm for birthing a baby (can be measured intravaginally)
The male subpubic angle is about _____º, while the female subpubic angle is about ______º
up to 120º
In the male pelvis, the ____ & ____ are much more anterior.
coccyx & sacrum
The conjugate diameter of the pelvic inlet extends from ____-____.
superior aspect of pubic symphisis to sacral priminatory
The anteroposterior adicmeter of pelvic outlet is from _____-_____.
inferior aspect of pubic symphisis to coccyx.
The coccyx is _________, which is helpful during childbirth.
moveable--can be moved back
Places where structures may enter and/or leave pelvic canal are ___, ____, ____, & ____.
across pelvic brim; greater sciatic foramen; lesser sciatic foamen; obturator canal
The greater sciatic foramen is the exit/entrance b/tw ______ & ______.
pelvis & gluteal region
The greater sciatic foramen is the exit/entrance to the ______.
The obturator canal gives access to ________.
the medial thigh
The arcuate line is part of the __________.
THe ______ lies between the ischial spine & ischial tuberosity.
lesser sciatic notch
The _______ is what we sit on.
ischial tuberosity
THe _____________ is the largest foramen in the body.
It's filled almost completely with ________.
obturator foramen

The ______ramus of the pubis joins with the single ramus of the ischium. Sometimes reffered to as ______.
The _______ is one of the most frequently fractured sites of the oscoxy.
ischio-pubic ramus
The _________ muscle attaches to the pectineal line (located in the superor & posterior aspect of _____).

superior ramus
The obturator membrane has a tiny hole SUPERIOLATERALLY, the _____, in which the ____ & ____ pass through.
obturator canal;
obturator nerve & vessels
The sacrospinus ligament runs ________ (ant or post) to the sacrotuberous ligament.
The 3 bones of the hip fuse together (afer age 18) in an area called the __________.
The femur resides in a cup-shaped structure called the _________.
A ____ fracture can occur if the hip is fractured before the 3 bones fuse together.
The obturator crest is part of the ___________ ramus.
superior pubic
An obturator hernia can be either ___ (rare) or ___ (not rare) protruding through obturator canal.
portion of ileum (rare);
fat (not rare)
The piriformis arises from _______. This muscle nearly fills the ________ foramen.
anterior surface of sacral vertebrae 2-4;
The SACRAL PLEXUS is formed on the surface of the __________.
The obturator internis arises from _______. The fleshy fibers form a tendon which passes through _______ & attaches to ________.
internal aspect of obturator membrane & almost total circumfrence of obturator foramen; lesser sciatic foramen; greater tronchanter
The piriformis arises from teh _____ & attaches to the ______.
anterior surface of sacral vertebrae 2-4;
greater trochanter
Hernias can occur _____ & _____ to piriformis.
superior & inferior
The obturator internis passes in a 90º angle in between ____ & ____ to attach to _______.
ischial spine & tuberosities; greater trochanter
The obturator internis lies inferior to the ________, meaning that it lies in the _________.
pelvic diaphragm;
(lateral wall of) pelvis AND perineum
The ________ separates the pelvis from the perineum & forms part of floor of pelvis.
levator anii (pelvic diaphragm)
The pelvic diaphragm is supported inferiorly by the ___________.
urogenital diaphragm
Some fibers of the pelvic floor arise from the _______ & the ___________.
thickening of obturator internis fascia (thickening of pelvic diaphragm fascia);
ischial spine
THe coccygeus (ischeal coccygeous) muscle arises from ______ & extends back toward ______.
ischeal spine; sacrum & coccyx
The coccygeus muscle (ischeal coccygeous) is found _________ to the SACRAL SPINOUS LIGAMENT.
___________ go through the interval in between coccygeus & piriformis.
various vessels & nerves passing into buttock region
The levator ani consists of ________ & _______.
The pubococcygeous arises from _________.
The iliococcygeous arises from ____________.
tendinous arc of levator ani
A part of the thickened fascia in the obturator internis is the ___________.
tendonous arc of the levator ani
The pubococcygeus fibers run ______, while the iliococcygeous fibers run ______. This is beneficial b/c:____________.
anterior to posterior;
inferiorly & medially;
Different fiber directions help to prevent pelvic prolapse
There are openings in the levator ani (pubococcygeus part) for ___, ____, & ____ (in females)
rectum, vagina, urethra
The ______, ______,& ____ muscles circumscribe their respective hiatuses in the pubococcygeous.
pubourethralis; pubovaginalis (main sphincter of vagina); puborectalis
Urination can be hampered if the urethra not can't descend due to the ________ not being relaxed.
Part of pubococcygeus muscles go to ________, while part blend with fibers of ____________.
perineal body;
external fibers of anal canal (to form deep portion of external anal sphincter)
The puborectalis represents the most MEDIAL & ANTERIOR FIBERS of the ___________.
puberococcygeus muscle
The peritoneum comes off of anterior abdominal wall, passes ________, then deeply in the interval of the ____.
superiorly over vesicle of bladder;
vesicle & rectum
After the peritoneum forms rectal vesicle pouch, it passes over ______________.
the lateral and anterior surfaces of the rectum
The rectal vesicle puch is the most __________ & ______ portion of male peritoneal cavity.
dependant & inferior
_______ is excess liquid in the peritoneal cavity.
It can be drained by ______.
peritoneal withdrawal
Two spots of the peritoneum are the most dependant in females: _______ (said to be more inferior) & ________.
rectouterine pouch (pouch of Douglas/cul de sac);
The broad ligament is a double fold of PERITONEUM that drapes over the _____, and a portion of the _____ & _____.
uterus (connecting it to lateral pelvic wall);
portion of uterine tubes, portion of ovaries & ovarian ligaments
The broad ligament drapes over the uterus and connects to ___________ in 2 layers (_____ & _____)
lateral pelvic wall;
anterior & posterior
The broad ligament contains the ______, _____, & _______.
ureters, ovarian vessels & uterine vessels
The broad ligament has 4 parts _____, _______, _____, & ________.
suspensory ligament (infundibulopelvic ligament); mesoovarium; mesosalpinx; mesometrium
The suspensory ligament is the _______ continuation of the broad ligament.
It covers the anterior aspect of ___________.
ovarian vessels as they cross the pelvic brim
If you pull peritoneum, you pull the _____. Why?
ovarian vessels connected to ovaries
The _________ is the major part of the broad ligament.
The _________ runs from the bottom of the uterus to the sacrum. It covers the _____.
uterosacral fold;
uterosacral ligament