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Why should G. Washington, among other Founders of our nation, have been opposed to political parties?
because disputes over policies and elections were not easily separated from disputes over government legitimacy
During the founding period of US history, political parties could best be described as
small coalitions based more on geography and class than on common economic interests
National party conventions were developed as a reform of
party caucuses
In the Jacksonian era, for the first time a party system was built
from the bottom up
The first convention in American history was that of the __________ party
The _______, a faction of Republican Party, were opposed to the patronage system and feared the influx of immigrants who could be incoroprated into the political machine
The progressives favored all of the following except
better relations with business
In recent elections, ticket splitting has been most common in
The South
Party machines
are characterized by a high degree of leadership control over member activity
Which is the most accurate statement about political participation and political parties.
the trend over the last 50 years has been a lessening of party loyalty, especially in national elections
Today, a person wanting to win an election will most often seek the support of
a personal following
the most recent independent candidate for president who was able to get on the ballot in every state was
Ross Perot
The Libertarian and Socialist parties in the US are examples of
ideological parties
George Wallace's American Independent Party was an example of
factional party
The populist party is an example of an
economic-protest party
The platform of the Latin American party would be an example of an
one issue party
An ideaology which seeks to find equality of opportunity and a large government is the definition of which ideology?
An ideology that cherishes individual liberty and inists on a sharply limited government is the definition for which ideology?
American political parties, unlike those of most other democratic nations, are closely regulated by
State and federal laws
Which of the following statements supports the elitist theory of US politics?
to be elected, politicians must earn the support of a large cross section of the electorate
Which of the following actions would most likely be supported by a politician who is considered to be a fiscal conservative
less government enviornmental restrictions on businesses
Lib income Cons
30 -5k 29
21 50k+ 51
the graph above supports which of these statements
people with higher incomes are more likely to think of themsevles as conservative than are those with lower incomes
Which of the following is the most accurate statement about political parties in the United States?
the percentage of voters identifying themselves as either Democrat or Republican has been declining since the 1970s
Lib Income Con
44 -5k 18
26 50k+ 43

The chart above supports which of the following statements about partisanship
only in the highest income group are people moer likely to be republican then democrats
the political parties that could be considered the closest ancestors to the modern republican party are the
federalist and whigs