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a colonist who sided with Great Britain during the American Revolution
one who supported independence from Great Britain for the thirteen colonies
armed, private ship that protected colonial ports
Olive Branch Petition
a letter of peace drafted by the Second Continental Congress to Great Britain
Battle of Saratoga
a turning point of the American Revolution in which the American militia defeated British forces
something that prevents goods and people from moving in and out of an area
the first part or the introduction of a document
Declaration of Independence
the document stating that the thirteen colonies were separate from Great Britain
Common Sense
a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine in 1776 to convince the colonists that it was time to become independent
Treaty of Alliance
an agreement in February 1778; the French army promised to support the American militia in their fight against the British
payment for military service
Battle of Cowpens
General Daniel Morgan defeated the British in South Carolina on January 17, 1781
an agreement acceptable to both sides
Treaty of Paris
an agreement reached by the British and French in 1763 that officially ended the French and Indian War; also a later agreement reached in 1783 in which Britain acknowledged the independence of the American colonies
Continental Army
the army formed by the Second Continental Congress that would defend the colonies as a whole