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-a list of things to be done or considered
The mmeting of our science club will be over soon if we stick with the items on our agenda.
-intensly eager, passionate
-passionate intensity of feeling
Inspite of Maryann's ardent praise of Walter, I was not conviced of his ability.
brevity -
-concisness of expression, shortness of duration
One hot day, those attending the gradutaion were gratful for the brevity of the speeches.
chaperon - chaperone
-a person who accompanies younger people to see they behave properly
-to be a chaparone to
Wilma's parents serve as chaperones when our class visited the schince museum.
-to give careful thought to/ponder
-to have plans to - to intend
Einstein comtemplated the realtionship between energy & matter
-to discourage or prevent from taking action
-deterent, anything that prevents or discourages
Yesterday's highways detered the drivers from continuing their exploration of the sunken ship.
flair -
-a natural skill or ability or talent
Ada's ability to recount her experiences in an amuzing way demonstrated her flair for comedy.
-something new a new way of doing something
-innovative- marked by freshness or originality, willing to try new things
The students are quite enthusiastic about the latest innovations at the school cafe salad bar.
intergral -
-neccessary to complete something essential
The laboratory component is an intergral to the chemistry course.
-the ability to think and understand
-a person with great intelligence
Many German intellects sought refuge in the US in the 1930s.
-to stare at often in a flirtatious or bold manner
Because she was his friend, Jasy was bothered when the other boys ogled Patsy in the corridor between classes
-bordering on being indecent or improper
At the turn of the century, dresses that revealed the ankles of ladies were considerd risque'.
-to thwart or make difficultiesd for
Mrs. Abernathy had to go over the proof of one of the geometry problems because it had stymied the whole class.
vivacity -
-liveliness of manner or appearance
Katherine Hepburn;s vivacity made her a favorite with moviegoers.
-to quarreel in a noisy or angry way
-to win or abtain by argument
Sue & Jim wrangled about who would pay the bus fare.