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a bra sion
n. a wearing away or rubbing away by friction; a scraped or worn area

adj. casuign waer by rubbing; harsh or rough in manner, irritating
This protective coating helps prevent abrasion of the floor tiles.

adj. clothed or covered
Clad in a black rubber suti, the driver jumped from the side of the rescue boat.

co rro bor ate
v. to provide evidence to make more certain; to confirm
Because he was standing at the stoplight when the accident occurred, Harry could corroborate the driver's statement.

cur so ry
adj. done in a hurry and with little attention to detail
Sherlock Holmes made a cursory search of the bedroom before going into the dining room to question the family.

de hy drate
v. to remove the water from; to become dry or to lose water from

n. the state of being dehydrated
The processing plant dehydrates vegatables before that are used in the popular soups sold in our grocery store.

de rive
v. to take or recieve from a source, to obtain through reasoning
After practicing so diligently, Hugh derived great satisfaction from the enthusiastic applause following his preformance.

e lec tri fy
v. to wire or equip with electric power; to trill or shock
Brian Boitano's performance, which included a layback spin and several perfectly executed triple axels, electrified the audiance.

en deav or
v. to attempt earnestly
The person we spoke to at the embassy said she woudld endeavor to find the papers we needed.

gin ger ly
adj. cautious; very carefyl; with extreme car or concern
Mr. Wu made a gingerly attempt to bring the disputing parties together.

grim ace
v. to make a face expresing feeling of pain disgust or contempt

n. a facial expression that seems to express pain, contempt, or disguist
While the doctor described the series of painful tests she would need, Cheryl grimaced only once.

grue some
adj. causing shock or horror
Not until years later did the gruesome details of the soccer players survival become known.

in ven tor y
n. a list of possessions or good on hand; the stock of goods on hand

v. to make a complete list of
At least once a year, the parmacist inventories the stock.

sim u late
v. to take on the qualities of another; to imitate; to pretend

adj. made to look genuine while being artifical

n. an imitation of a possible situation
AstroTurf simulates real grass.

su ccumb
v. to give up or give into; to yeild; to cease to exist; to die
Smallpox was so pervasive in the 18th century that many people succumbed.

sur mise
v. to suppose something without sufficient evidence

n. a guess
Helosie surmised that her visitors were late because of the traffic ftom the airport.

a non y mous
adj. of an unknown source or unrevealed name
It is frustrating to be unavle to thank the person who gave you this anonymous donation to our library fund.

an thol o gy
n. a collecion of various writings, such as songs, stories, or poems
This anthology of science-ficion stories include some by Ray Bradbury, Julian May, and Ursual Le Guin.

con jec ture
n. a conclusion based on guesswork or insuffienct evidence

v. to form an opinion while lakcing suffcient evidence
Dad's conjecture that the derelict building whouldbe a problem proved to be correct when it caught on fire.

dis po sit ion
n. a person's usual mood; tempermant; regular tendency or inclination
Roberto's disposition to argue about everything can sometimes get him into trouble.

en com pass
v. to enclose or encircle; to include
Except for one narrow pass, moutains encompass the village of Neudorf on all sides.

ex tri kate
v. to free froma difficult or tangled situation.
Extricating our bags from the bus's crowded storage area was much simpler than we thought it would be.

gen er a tion
n. one step in the line of descent of a family; all the people born and living about the same time; the average span of time betwee the birth of parents and their children.
Within one generation this town became a city.

n. cunnig or deciet in dealing with others; trickery
The Grimm brothers vividly described the wolf's guile toward Little Red Riding Hood.

im per a tive
adj. urgent; pressing; having the power or authority to command
The lawyer made us understand why it is imperative that we find the missing papers before tommarrow.
instill or instil

v. to introduce gradually in order to establish securely
Juanita's love of animals instilled during the summer vacations spent at her uncles's house

mod i fy
v. to make less extreme or servere; to make changes in; in grammar, to limit or restrict in meaning
Congress may modify some portions of the welfare reform law they just approved.

re cur
v. to come up again or to happain again; to come to mind again

n. the act of recurring
Engineers hope that the new dam will prevent a recurrence of flooding.

piv ot
n. a small bar or rod on which something else turns; a person or thinkg on which others depend

c. to trun on or as if on a pivot
The gate swung shut easliy on its well-oiled pivot.

prev a lent
adj. commonly occuring; widely accepted or practiced
Both chicken pox and the flu were prevalent in the Edison Middle School last winter.

spon ta ne ous
adj. voluntary and unplanned; occurring or producing without human labor

n. the quality or condition of occurring in an unplanned way
With an unexpected spontaneity, Isabelle rose to embrace her friend.

au dac ious
adj. willing to tkae risk; daring; showing disrespect or a lack of courtesy

n. willingness to take risk by showing excessive boldness.
Oliver Twist was the only boy with the audacity to ask for more food.

con fis cate
v. to seize, by force if necessary; to take possession of.
The Miami police confiscated the stolen paintings they found stored in a coset of the mansion.

con sci en tious
adj. thorough; careful; honest; principled.
Because of our conscientious
preperations, the science fair was enjoyable and informative for everyone.

de pict
to give a picture of; to describe
Ann Petry's novel, The Street, depicts life in 1920s Harlem.

em bark
v. to go on board a ship or airplane at the start of a voage; to start out; to begin
Larry Bird embarked on his professional basketball career after finishing college.

ink ling
n . a slight suspicion; a vague idea
As she opened the door, Shala had no inkling that her friends were hidden in the darkened room, waiting to shout surprise.

lack a das ic al
adj. showing little spirit or enthusiasm
Whent the students came after school to work on their reports, the librarian was quite lackadasical about the no-talking rule.

mut iny
n. deliberate refusal to obey orders given by those in command, especially by sailors

v. to rebel openly against a commander
Captain Vere feared the sailors would mutiny him if he didn't discipline Billy Budd.

pil fer
v. to steal repeatedly small amounts or things that are of little value
Pip pilfered bread and other bits of food from his sister's kitchen to feed the man in hiding.

pro fus ion
n. a plentiful supply; agreat or generour amount

adj. given or occurring in generous amounts; abundent
Daffodils frew in profusion along the riverbank.

pru dent
adj. very careful; showing judgement and wisom

n. the aboidane of risk

ran kle
v. to cause continuing anger or iritation

re buke
v. to criticize strongly; to reprimand

n. a sharp critisism
adj. calm and untroubled; peaceful

n. a calm and untroubled state

slov en ly
adj. untidy; carelessly done

ab ject
adj. most miserable; wretched
King Lears life changed from one of luxury and power to one of abject poverty and helplessness.

ad vo cate
v. to plead in favor of; to defen

n. one who argues for or defends a person, group, or idea
This organization advocates the release of all people imprisoned for their believes.

a tro ci ty
n. an act of great cruelty and wickedness

adj. very brutal; wicked; cruel; appalling bad; outrageous
The owners of the kennel were prosectuted after reporters revealed that the animals lived under atrocious conditions.

co mmem or ate
v. to serve as a memorial to; to remember in a solemn manner
The tablet on the front of the house commemorates its importance as a station on the Underground Railroad.

di a lect
n. a form of a language spoken in a certain geographical region that has it's own grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary.
A spanish speaking person from Madrid might not completely understand a dialect spoken in Cuba.

adj. having terrible consequences, urgent or desperate
Pol Pots reign in Cambodia, which began in 1975, had a dire effect on the lives of most Cambodians.

el ite
n. a group that enjoys superior status to others

adj. considered superior to others
Many of Edith Whartons novels are set in the holmes of the social elite of New York City during the 1890s.

en hance
v. to make greater or better
The greenhouse window in our new kitchen enhances the rooms light, airy feeling.

fla gr ant
adj. clearly offensive or bad; conspicuously acting against what is right
Trying to conceal the Watergate breakin was a flagrant abuse of presidential power.

lan gu ish
v. to lose hop, strenght, or vitality because of neglect or bad condition

v. to softem or tone down the sound of

adj. not speaking or not able to speak; silent
Julie remained must when the customs officer asked her name.

v. to level to the grounds; to destroy completely
Just as the row of seventeeth-century building was about to be razed, the preseravation socitey requested a delay.

re pris al
n. a retaliation for an injury

tur moi l
n. the state of confusion or agitation

v. to bring about or conflict

ac cede
v. to agree to; to consent to; after urging from another
Myron acceded to the wishes of his colleagues when he stopped smoking in the office.

aff lu ent
adj. generously supplied with money or possessions; wealthy

n. wealth
Mrs. Winn's affluence is due to oil being discovered on her land.

ar bri trar y
adj. determined by chance or whim rather than by reason or necessity
Even though our choice of restaurant was aritrary, the food was delicious.

art i san
n. one able to do skilled work with the hands; a craftsperson
Artisans working with leather, yarn, and clay displayed their products at the local crafts fair.

dis mant le
v. to take apart
Bert helped Matt dismantle the engine so they could begin work on the repair.
v. to cover with liquid; to completely engage the attention of
The prepare the salad, Genevieve first blanched thee vegetables by immersing them in boiling water.
adj. annoying; tedious
All the steps prelimnary to painteing the ceiling scraping, patching, and sanding, were irksome to Samantha who wanted to finish the job quickly.
n. money or property left to another in a will; something passed on
Catholicism and the Spanish language are legacies of Spanish ruld in Guatemala.
adj. extravagantly showy or ornate
The Amish shun ostentatious furnishings for their homes
n. a complete view of a surrounding area; a thorough presentation of a subject
In one bedroom of the old mansion, the four walls had been painted with a lively panorama of Chesapeake Bay.
n. the attempt to improe the well being of those in need by donating money or aid
The philanthropy of the Tan family has provided the money for this cancer research center.
n. High standing
adj. abundantly productive
adj. inclined to keep ones thoughts and feelings to oneself
n. a wealthy and powerful businessperson