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v. to increase in size, amount, or degree
In order to buy a new bike before summer, Iris augmented her savings by babysitting the twins next door.
adj. kind; gracious; gentle; favorable; not threatening
Friendly nurses were a benign presence in the hospital.
n. a person with extensive knowledge, especially of the fine arts; a person of refined taste
A connoisseur of the Renaissance, Bernard Berenson published a book on Venmetian painters in 1894.
v. to detect with the eyes, to understnad or comprehend; to recognize as seperate or different
We made certain we could easily discern our luggage by putting red tape on the handle.
v. to make beautiful by adding decorative elements; to add fictiious details
Mark Twain often embellished his stories to make them more interesting.
v. to carry out; to preform; to create as a work of art; to put to death as a legal penalty
A number of Nazi war criminals were executed at the end of World War 2.
v. to illustrate by being an example of
The poetry of Langston Hughes exemplifies some of the best work of the writers of Harlem Renaissance.
adj. so distorted or strange as they appear bizarre or comical
The grotesque masks worn by dances frightened the children.
adj. greatly respected; holy; sacred
Arlington National Cemetery is hallowed groud because it is the burial place for soldiers who have died in war.
v. to assume the character or appearance of; to mimic
I tried to impersonate my mother when I answered the phone.
adj. showing ill will or hatred; producing harm or evil

n. a feeling or expression of ill will
The look of malevolence in his eyes sent shudders down our spine.
adj. heavily and elaborately decorated
The tour guide pointed out the ornate carving over the arched doorway.
adj. having to do with shepards and herders; relating to country life, and often presented as charmingly simple
Some of Corot's most appealing paintings are those that show pastoral events.
adj. not safe or secure; dangerously uncertain
n. fame honor

adj. famous, honored
Sire Laurence Olivier, a british actor who died in 1989 achieved renown for his roles in Shakespeare plays.