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the belief that ones race is superior
Cross/Open Primary
anyonbody can go in and vote for either side
Closed/Direct Primary
Choose canidates to run and you can only vote for someone of your own party
What is a political machine?
powerful organizations that influenced city and couty politics
powerful leader who run political machines
Pendleton Civil Serice Act
law that set up a merit system controlled by the Civil Service Commision
republican reformers
reformers who began working to solve problems caused by rapid industrial and urban growth
journalist who wrote about the corruption of the government
direct primary
lets voters choose candidates for public office instead of allowing pry leaders to select them
17th Amendment
allowed americans to vote directly for U.S. senators
allows voters to propose a new law by getting signatures on a petition
allows voters to approve or disapprove a law that had already been proposed or passed by state or local government
an economic system in which the government owns and operates a country's means fo production
Industrial Workers of the World
organization that brought together the people who were not accepted into the American Federation of Labor
18th Amendment
outlawed the production and sale of alcoholic beverages in the US
19th Amendment
gave women the right to vote
16th Amendment
ratified in February that allows the federal government to impose direct taxes on people's income
Federal Reserve Act
act created a national banking system called the Federal Reserve