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What did the Industrial Revolution do?
Change how people work.
What gives legal right to inventions?
What made British goods more expensive?
The Tariff of 1816
Who was James Monroe's secretary of state?
John Quincy Adams
Who invaded Spanish East Florida in 1818?
Andrew Jackson
In what country did the changes in the way goods were made in the mid-1700's first appear?
Where did America's Industrial Revolution first begin to take root?
New England
Who invented the cotton gin?
Eli whitney
What were the major elements of free enterprise?
competition, economic freedom, private property ,and profit
How far west did the National Road go?
Vandalia, Illinois
How did pioneers usually migrate west?
As families
Who believed high tariffs raised the prices of manufactured goods?
John C. Calhoun
What called for a tariff to stimulate growth of American industries?
American System
What agreement set the official border between Canada and the United States?
Convention of 1818
What is an example of the United States "military strength" ?
Adams Onis Treaty
What is capital?
Money for investment
What are interchangeable parts?
Uniform pieces
What was chartered in 1816 by congress?
The Second Bank of the United States
Who proposed the American System?
Henry Clay
Who is Miguel Hidalgo?
A Mexican Revoutionary
What is technology?
Scientific discoveries that simplify work.
Whose mill launched the factory system?
Francs Cabot Lowell
What was the population of the United States 30 years after the first census?
2 million
What are locks?
Separate compartments where water levels are raised or lowered.
Who began his political career as a supporter of free trade and the shipping interests of New England?
Danial Webster
Who is the leader who tried to resolve sectional disputes by compromise?
Henry Clay
What agreement provided for disarmament along the Canadian border?
Rush-Bagot Treaty
What was created in 1823 that became an important part of American foreign policy?
The Monroe Doctrine