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"The Cask of Amontillado"
Montresor gets Fortunato drunk and takes him down the the catacombs. Monstresor tells Fortunato he is a mason, and Fortunato misunderstands. Montresor chains up Fortunato in a niche. Montresor then makes a wall out of stone and mortar, sealing in Fortunato. Montresor throws in a torch which sucks up all the oxygen in the niche. Montresor has had his revenge.
"The Most Dangerous Game"
Rainsford falls off a ship and swims to an island, where he sees a gun and footprint. He finds a mansion and Zaroff (the owner) invites him in. He finds out that Zaroff loves to hunt, and then Zaroff challenges Rainsford to a hunt; whoever is killed first looses. Rainsford agrees, and the hunt starts. Rainsford ducks Zaroff quickly, but ends up in quick sand. He manages to get out and convince Zaroff that he's dead, and sneaks up in Zaroff's bedroom, surprises him, kills Zaroff and then beats Zaroff at his game.
"Casey at the Bat"
Casey's baseball team is loosing, and he needs to help them get back in the game. Two players are on base, so there is hope of winning if Casey follows through. Casey step up to bat with a lot of pressure. He gets two strikes.... and then strikes out.
"The Red-Headed League"
Jabez Wilson, a pawn-shop owner, joined the Red-Headed League 8 weeks ago, where he was told to copy pages from an Encyclopedia for 4 pounds per hour, in four hour shifts. The company mysteriously disappeared, and Sherlock Holmes has been called upon to help. Holmes takes a walk with Watson and stops near the pawn shop and the city bank, where he knocks the ground with his walking stick - he
"The Interlopers"
Ulrich von Gradwitz and Gerog Znaeym are neighbors, and have been fighting over a piece of land. They will fight until the other one is dead for that land. One day Ulrich strayed away from his men searching for Gerog. He found him and the two men stood still for a long time. A lightning bolt strikes a tree, pinning them both - but Georg is more hurt. They decide to be friends if they die out there, and then they hear something which sounds like people. They call them over, only to realize that it is a pack of wolves...
"The Gift of the Magi"
Della comes to her home exhausted and sad because it's Christmas Eve and she has nothing for Jim, her husband. She looks in the mirror and sees her long, beautiful hair, and runs out the door. She sells her hair for enough money to buy Jim a chain for his priceless watch. Jim walks in later, sees Della's hair, and his face drops. She gives him her present - combs for Della's hair! And how did he get the money? He sold his watch, of course!
"The Scarlet Ibis"
The story starts off with the narrator talking about a scarlet ibis that landed in his family's garden. He remembers his brother Doodle, who was physically and mentally disabled, and a disappointment to everyone. When Doodle was two, he learned to craw backwards and his dad made him a go-cart. His brother took him to Old Women Swamp and when Doodle turned five, (out of embarrassment that Doodle couldn't do normal things) he taught Doodle to walk. When Doodle turned
"Sonata for Harp and Bicycle"
Jason Ashgrove is new at the Grimes Building, and is told to be out of there by 5 o'clock, like everyone else. He leaves, but comes back into the building and hears music. He then sees William Heron (a ghost) calling for his lost love Daisy and runs down the fire escape. The next day Jason comes in with silver hair instead of brown and his secretary,
"Blues Ain't No Mockin' Bird"
Children are playing in the front yard, Granny is on the porch making cakes. Two men have been filming Granny's backyard all morning and she is fed up; she asks them to leave. They don't, and then Grandpa Cain comes back with a dead chicken hawk. The two men film him walking up, and he sees the men standing in Granny's flowerbeds. When
"The Scarlet Ibis" 2
couldn't do normal things) he taught Doodle to walk. When Doodle turned six, his brother taught him to run, swim, fight, and climb trees. He pushes Doodle harder, and Doodle begins to get sick. Later, a red bird flies into the garden and Doodle is curious. They find out that the bird is dead, and Doodle's mama tells him not to touch it. Doodle buries the bird without directly touching it. After lunch Doodle and brother go back
"The Red-Headed League" 2
finds that the ground sounds hollow. They then stop at the shop to ask Spaulding directions, and notice he is covered in dirt. Holmes solves the mystery and tells everyone to go to Mr. Merryweather's City and Suburban Bank, and sure enough the culpreight, John Clay, is robbing the bank. He didn't come in through the front door, though. How did he do it?
"Sonata for Harp and Bicycle" 2
Miss Golden, knows he's been cursed by the ghost - in 5 days he will jump off the first escape. They then formulate a plan to reunite the ghost lovers and when Jason jumps off the fire escape he will have a parachute. On Halloween they bring Daisy flowers to give to William. Then, Miss Golden and Jason jump off the fire escape with the parachute.
"The Scarlet Ibis" 3
to continue their lessons, but it starts to rain. Brother tells Doodle to run home quickly, but Doodle can't go very fast. Brother leaves Doodle, and after waiting for him, goes back to find Doodle dead. His body looks like the scarlet ibis's, and Brother covers Doodle's bleeding body with his, shielding his scarlet ibis.
"Blues Ain't No Mockin' Bird" 2
he asks them to move and they don't, he takes their camera away, doesn't give it back, and smashes it. He asks again for them to get out of the flowerbeds and they do, and then one of the children (Cathy) says she wants to write a book about the proper use of a hammer.