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What launguage family does English belong to?
What language group does English belong to?
What is English's closest relative?
When was the angle-saxon invasion?
449 AD
Who was killed in 1066 CE when the Normands invaded? (He was shot in the eye)
Harold Goodwin
What are Runes?
Carved letters with no curves, (ancient writing)
When and what happened with English Nationalism?
1300-1500, decreased amont of French and Latin spoken.
Renaissance English showed an upsurge in which four areas?
arts, literature, sciences, philosophy
Who was an incredible author of the Early Modern English?
William Shakespeare
What was the gradual change in the pronunciation of the long vowels called?
The Great Vowel Shift
How many translators did it take tto translate the Hebrew Old Testament to the Early Modern version?
Began in 1603 and finished in 1671, what was the name of the bible that is still used today?
King James Bible
The Standardization of English led to what?
Dictionaries, grammer books, and increased literacy rates
Age of _______/_______ encouraged new words in the areas of science, history, art,and politics. Led to many name words from what language?
Reason/Enlightenment, Greek
The first dictionary, written in 1709-1784 was written by whom?
Samuel Johnson
Who wrote the first American Dictionary?
Noah Webster (1758-1843)
Why were dictionaries writeen?
To slow language change
Why are Celtic languages dying out?
Lack of education and use
These modern dialect start with a B. What the 2?
British and Black
These modern dialect start with a A. What the 2?
American and Australian
These modern day dialects both start with an S. What are the two?
Scottish and South American
These modern day dialects start with a C and an I. What are the two?
Canadian and Irish
WHat is Chicano English?