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The name of 0 degrees latitude....
This term is often used in referring to the height of a mountain...
Define tributary...
smaller river or stream that feeds into a larger river
This term is used when referring to a map maker....
Characteristics of the Mercator Projection...
Correct shapes of land masses but distorted sizes
Be sure you know the definition of "geography"...
Thanks for the advice, Mr. Campion
This is a main advantage of a map over a globe.....
Easier to keep in your binder
These lines help determine exact location...
Longitude and Latitude
On the grid, this meridian would be the y-axis...
Prime Meridian (or the International Dateline)
List the 5 themes of Geography....
location, place,
movement, interaction, region
Which projection generally provides the correct size and shape of landmasses?
Robinson projection
This is a key feature of the Interior Plains...
huge coal deposits
Higher altitude causes ______ temperatures...
Be able to provide details of the different climates found in the U.S.....
y'know, such as Desert: very dry, little rainfall....ok I see.
Can you provide 2 examples of people interacting with the environment?
I hope that I can since it seems as though it would be a GREAT essay question.
Can you compare and contrast 2 different physical regions (like the ones on the map you made)?
Why, yes, I think that I can....if I study them and make certain that I understand them.
The earliest known map was made on this material.....
clay tablet
In which country is Greenwich?
The Landsat satellite was launched in this year....
The Landsat satellite circles the Earth ______times a day...
Everything is _________