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When bacteria decay in water, what gas is removed from the water?
What is contour farming?
In contour farming, land is plowed across the slope rather than up and down the slope
What does the word "toxic" mean?
Unwanted or harmful substances that are dumped in the environment are called.....
What is nuclear fission?
the splitting of uranium atoms to release the energy in them
What is conservation?
the wise use of natural resources
Bottles and cans that are thrown or disposed in an improper way in the environment are called....
What may cause acid rain?
emission of sulfur and nitrogen compounds into the air
What do you call the energy source that comes from heat within the earth?
What do we call the process by which a species passes out of existence?
What is release of heat into the environment known as?
thermal pollution
What is a temperature inversion?
a layer of cool air is trapped beneath a layer of warmer air
What is erosion?
the carrying away of soil by water
What do we mean by nonrenewable resource? Name 2 nonrenewable resources.

What do we mean by renewable resource?
Name 1 renewable resource
nonrenewable-- no more of it will be made in our lifetimes... oil, gas, coal

renewable-- can be remade..... water
What is crop rotation?
Planting different crops every year on the same land.
What is the rich upper layer of the soil called?
What happens if you plant one type of crop on the same soil for too long?
the nutrients in the soil are depleted
What are the fossil fuels?
coal, oil, gas