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The fiber group in the periodontal ligament that constitutes the main support of the tooth against masticatory forces is the
Nonarticular surfaces of the temporomandibular joint are covered with
The epithelial root sheath (Hertwig) is essential to development of the root of a tooth because it
molds the shape of the root and stimulates differentiation of odontoblasts.
In skeletal muscle, a triad consists of
terminal cisternae and a fingerlike invagination of the sarcolemma.
the thin transparent homogeneous sheath enclosing a striated muscle fiber
Which of the following adult salivary glands are entirely serous?
Ebner's and parotid
The alternate loosening and tightening of a primary tooth that is about to be shed results from
alternate resorption and apposition of cementurn and bone.
Of the structures seen on a ground section of a permanent lateral incisor, which of the following was formed first?
Enamel spindle
minute transverse ridges on the surface of the enamel of a tooth which correspond to the incremental lines of Retzius
Colloid in the usual thyroid follicle stains
The normoblast is a developmental stage of the
Which of the following has no lymph sinuses and is surrounded partly by connective tissue and partly by epithelium, the latter forming deep infoldings?
pharyngeal tonsil
In a relaxed state, transitional epithelium can be distinguished from stratified squamous epithelium because transitional epithelium contains
dome-shaped superficial cells
The free gingival groove is related to the
arrangement of supraalveolar fibers
Which of the following layers is totally lacking in thin skin?
Stratum lucidum
Gingiva is different from alveolar mucosa in that gingiva has
high connective tissue papillae
Cyclic DNA has been found in or associated with which of the following organelles?
Bifid tongue is a result of lack of fusion of the
lateral swellings
Schwann's cells arise from
neural crest cells
Inorganic crystals in enamel have their long axes parallel to the rods in the
bodies of the rods and deviating increasingly in the tails.
The spheno-occipital synchondrosis in the midline of the cranial base of a newborn consists of
hyaline cartilage
The papillary layer of the dermis differs from the reticular layer in that the papillary layer
is more finely constructed, whereas the reticular layer contains coarser collagenous fibers as a component
The oral mucosa of the cheek differs from the skin covering the outer surface of the lip by possessing
a stratified, squamous, nonkeratinized. epithelium with a thinner lamina propria
Long bones of the skeleton increase in length because of
interstitial growth in the cartilaginous epiphyseal plate.
Polymerization of amino acids to form procollagen filaments occurs
in the golgi apparatus
In salivary glands, folds of the basal portion of the cell membrane containing mitochondria are characteristic of the
cells of the striated ducts
During growth of the mandible, resting lines are seen in the cortical bone. This phenomenon is a result of
bone apposition
Multiple root formation in a tooth follows unequal proliferation of the
epithelial diaphragm
In which of the following glands is the blood supply most isolated from the parenchyma?
A lymph node is characterized by
containing medullary cords
The component of bone tissue that gives bone tensile strength is the
collagenous fibrils of matrix
Articular surfaces of most diarthrodial joints are covered by
hyaline cartilage
Blood vessels in interdental papillae anastomose freely with
both periodontal and intraalveolar vessels.
Maxillary teeth are developed from which of the following embryonic structures
Arch I, Globular process
The fate of the epithelial rests of Malassez is that they may
undergo calcification; (b) form into cementicles
All of the following structures are concerned with development of the tongue
copula.tuberculum impar.
second branchial arch.
third branchial arch.
The artery most commonly involved in stroke is the
Which of the following structures may be found within the posterior mediastinum
Thoracic duct
The arterial supply of the submandibular gland is from which branch of the external carotid artery?
Which of the following structures crosses the masseter muscle and pierces the buccinator muscle?
Parotid duct
Which of the following arteries is most concerned with the blood supply to the upper lip?
The middle cranial fossa is separated from the posterior cranial fossa primarily by the
petrous part of the temporal bone
The middle cerebral artery is distributed on the
lateral surface of the cerebral hemisphere
The sphenomandibular ligament is attached to the
spine of the sphenoid bone and lingula of the mandible
After exertion, an athlete is puffing. Which of the following paired muscles helps maintain a wide airway through the larynx?
Posterior cricoarytenoid
The greater peritoneal sac communicates with the lesser peritoneal sac by means of the
epiploic foramen
The circulatory system of a near-term fetus differs from that of an adult in that, in the fetus, the
foramen ovale allows blood to pass primarily from the right atrium to the left atrium.
In an adult, cerebrospinal fluid can be aspirated most safely by inserting the needle between third and fourth lumbar vertebrae because
the spinal cord does not extend below lumbar 2.
The upper five or six anterior intercostal arteries are branches of the
internal thoracic arteries
Infections or neoplasms that spread by lymphatics from the skin of the angle of the mouth pass to the
submandibular nodes
To expose the submandibular duct by an intraoral approach, one must cut through
mucous membrane only.
The pterygoid plexus and its tributaries are the venous parallel of the
maxillary artery.
Which of the following is found in the curve of the duodenum?
Head of the pancreas
Which of the following articulate directly with the body of the sternum
Manubrium, Xiphoid process
Ligamentous remnants of the fetal circulatory system persisting in the adult include
ligamentum venosum, ligamentum arteriosum, ligamentum teres of the liver
Which of the following structures of the infratemporal fossa is found between medial and lateral pterygoid muscles
Lingual nerve
inferior alveolar nerve
Inferior alveolar artery
Which of the following structures of the infratemporal fossa is NOT found between medial and lateral pterygoid muscles
Nerve to the masseter muscle
All of the following structures lie superficial to the hyoglossus muscle EXCEPT the
lingual artery
All of the following structures lie superficial to the hyoglossus muscle
lingual nerve,hypoglossal nerve.
submandibular duct
The km value of an enzyme is numerically equal to
substrate concentration in moles/liter necessary to achieve half the maximum velocity of a reaction
The ketone body acetoacetate is synthesized inside mitochondria of hepatocytes by
cleavage of B-hydroxy-B-methylglutaryl CoA.
Human parotid saliva is believed to be hyposmolar because
reabsorption of water by striated duct cells is less than reabsorption of sodium.
Two atoms are considered isotopic if
their atomic numbers are the same, but their mass numbers differ.
A deficiency of vitamin A in a developing tooth most likely affects the
With glutamic acid as an amino group donor, alanine can be synthesized directly from which of the following acids
Pyruvic acid
The most abundant form of iron in human blood plasma is found
associated with transferrin.
DNA damage by ultraviolet light is due to
induction of dimerization by way of covalent bonds between adjacent thymine groups.
Sucrose is a glycoside of which of the following structures?
Which of the following is a function of vitamin B6 (pyridoxal phosphate)?
Acts as coenzyme in transamination reactions
The two chains of double stranded DNA are so arranged that
hydrophobic aromatic nitrogen bases are held close to each other.
Which of the following enzymes catalyzes the formation of uric acid from purines
Xanthine oxidase
Carbon dioxide or bicarbonate is required in the biosynthesis of fatty acids because
carbon dioxide is incorporated into acetyl coenzyme A forming malonyl coenzyme A, an intermediate in the synthetic process.
Which of the following statements is true concerning fatty acid synthesis and fatty acid breakdown?
Both require phosphopantothenic acid.
Which of the following is true of the Tm (melting temperature) of a given DNA double helix?
Is a function of the base composition
Which of the following tissues is primarily responsible for formation of urea?
Hydroxylation of proline and lysine during collagen biosynthesis occurs
after translation
Which of the following is most likely to promote depolymerization of the ground substance?
Prostaglandins are made within cells
from polyunsaturated fatty acids
Some amino acids need not be present in the diet of an animal because of the animal's ability to synthesize the acids at an adequate rate. A principal source of carbon for these amino acids is
metabolism of carbohydrates
Muscle glycogen phosphorylase is activated by
The amino acid composition of mammalian collagen (Type 1) is characterized by the presence of
hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine; (c) no sulfur-containing amino acids; (d) glycine, as nearly one-third the total number of amino acid residues
Which of the following molecules is NOT part of the mammalian cell membrane
Which of the following hormones does NOT induce activation of adenylate cyclase?
Which of the following is least soluble in solutions with low pH?
Which of the following compounds does contain a high-energy bond
Acetyl CoA
UDP-glucose Phosphoenolypyruvate
Which of the following compounds does NOT contain a high-energy bond?
Glutamate dehydrogenase can catalyze the formation of glutamate from ammonia and alpha-ketoglutarate using NADPH as a cofactor.
NH+, is formed from glutamine in the kidney.
Which of the following statements is NOT true concerning fluoride?
It occurs only in the ionic form in plasma.
Which of the following statements true concerning fluoride?
It is excreted rapidly by the kidney.
It is deposited in calcified tissuesIt passes the placental barrier relatively slowly.
At 1 ppm. in water, it is tasteless, odorless and colorless.
An impulse can travel from one nerve to another in only one direction because the
synapse limits the direction of travel
Which of the following is the major contributor to colloid osmotic pressure
The dominant factor controlling absorption of iron from the gastrointestinal tract is
saturation of mucosal cells with iron.
Where is norepinephrine stored
At postganglionic sympathetic nerve endings
The main control over body temperature, located in a portion of the central nervous system, is the
The second heart sound is related to
closure of aortic valves
The major center in the brain for autonomic nervous system regulation is the
In the absence of compensatory changes, a drop in blood pressure results from
decreased venous return
The most likely cause of an increase in filtration fraction is
efferent arteriolar constriction
A deficiency of rhodopsin is most likely caused by decreased dietary intake of
vitamin A.
important in vision in dim light
The primary effect of calcitonin is to
inhibit bone resorption
The belief that the secretion of saliva is an active process is supported by the observation that
secretion continues even when the pressure within the salivary duct is higher than the blood pressure
The process by which extensor muscles acting at a particular joint are inhibited by stretch of the flexor muscle acting at the same joint is
reciprocal inhibition
Any substance that is filtered by glomeruli and secreted, but not reabsorbed, by renal tubules will have a renal clearance that is
greater than the clearance of inulin (a diagnostic agent in a test for kidney function)
geniohyoid muscle on top of
mylohyoid ms
sublingual gland on top of
mylohyoid and geniohyoid ms
majority of submandibular gland beneath
mylohyoid ms
hyoglossus on top of
mylohyoid ms