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What is PETL
Leader development
Physical and Mental Readiness
Small Unit Battle Drills
Airborne Proficiency
Weopans Proficiency
Medical Skills Proficiency
what is 1st brigades nickname
devils in baggy pants
1-504th P.I.R nickname
Red Devils
2-504th P.I.R Nickname
White Devils
3-73rd Cav nickname
3-319th AFAR nickname
Gun Devils
307th BSB nickname
1-325 A.I.R nickname
Red Falcons
2-325 A.I.R nickname
White Falcons
1-73 Cav nickname
Blue Falcons
2-319th AFAR Nickname
Falcons Fury
407th Forward Support
Golden Griffins
1-505th P.I.R
One Panther
2-505th P.I.R
Two Panther
5-73 cav
Head Hunter
1-319th AFAR
2nd Brigade Nickname
3 brigade nickname
4th brigade Nickname
1-508th nickname
One Fury
2-508th nickname
Two Fury
4-73 Cav nickname
Three Fury
1-319th Afar nickname
782nd BSB nickname
Cab Nickname
1-17th cav nickname
1-82nd ARB nickname
Wolf Pack
2-82nd ASSLT nickname
3-82nd GSAB nickname
122nd ASB nickanme
keep in the fight
82nd military police company nickname
all-american mps
first sergeant major of 82nd
sgm rape
first black division commander
major general roscoe robinson
when was 82nd ID activated
25 august 1917
when did division enter combat into france in world war 1
25 june 1918
when did ltc pike earn moh
15 september 1918
when did cpl york earn moh
8 october 1918
when was the division deactivated
27 may 1919
when and where was the divison reactiviated
25 march 1942 at camp claiborne, louisiana
when was 82nd named 82nd airborne
15 august 1942
when did 82nd move to to fort bragg
14 october 1942
when did 82nd arrive overseas
10 may 1943
when did 505 and 504 conduct combat assualts into sicily
9 july 1943
504th and 505th conduct combat assauts into salerno, when
13 september 1943
when did 82nd arrive in british isles for training
19 november 1943
when did 504th land by boat into anzio,Italy
22 january 1944
when did 82nd perform parachute and glider assaults into normandy france
6 june 1944
when did pfc deglopper earn moh
9 june 1944
when did 82nd jump into holland
17 sept 1944
when did pvt towle earn moh
21 sept 1944
when did division commit to battle of the buldge
18 dec 1944
when did 1sgt funk earn moh
29 jan 1945
when did division return to us
3 jan 1946
when did 3rd brigade deploy to dominican republic
29 april 1965
when did 3rd brigade return to fort bragg from domincan republic
sept 1966
when did 3rd brigade deploy to vietnam
12 feb 1968
when did 3rd brigade return to fort bragg from vietnam
12 dec 1969
when did 3rd brigade deploy to grenadal
25 oct 1983
when did 3rd brigade redploy to fort bragg from grenade
12 dec 1983
when did 82nd deploy to pananma
20 dec 1989
when did 82nd return from panama
12 january 1990
when did 82nd deploy saudi arabia for desert storm
8 august 1990
when did 82nd return from desert storm
7 march 1991
when did division deploy to florida for hurricane andrew disater relief operation
23 august 1992
when did division return from florida
10 november 1992
2-505th pir deploy to kosovo
april 1999
when did 3-504th deploy to kosovo
september 1999
when did 1-325 air deploy to kosovo
janaury 2001
when did 3 bct deploy to afghanistan for oef
25 june 2002
when did 1st bct relieve 3 bct from afghanistan
january 2003
when did 2nd brigade go to oif
12 february 2003
when did division headquarters return from oif
8 may 2003
when did 3RD bct deploy to iraq
15 june 2003
when did division headquarters deploy to iraq
25 august 2003
when did 1bct deploy to iraq
4 january 2004q
when did division headquarters redeploy to fort bragg
3 april 2004
when did 1 bct redeploy to fort bragg
25 april 2004
when did 1 505th deploy to afghanistan
5 october 2004
when did 1 505 redploy to fort bragg
31 october 2004
when did 2 325 3 325 and 1-17th cav deploy to iraq
5 december 2004
when did 2 and 3 battalions 325 air return to fort bragg
27 march 2005
when did 82nd transform to 4 bct
16 january 2006
when was lietunant colonel emory j pike from
columbus city, iowa
when did ltc emory j pike recieve medal of honor
15 september 1918
what did ltc emory j pike recieve moh for
was on a front line reconnaisance mission, his untis were disorganized from heavy shelling. he reorganized the unit, secure a position under attack and was severely wounded by shellfirt while he went to the aid of a wounded soldier
where was corporal alvin c. york from
fentress county, tennesee
when did corporal alvin c york recieve moh
8 october 1918
what did corporal alvin c york recieve moh for
took command of a platoon after three ncos were killed or wounded, he fearlessly charged a machine gun nest, capturing four german officers,128 men and several weapons
where was prc charles n deglopper from
grand island, new york
when did pfc chrales n deglopper recieve moh
9 june 1944
what did pfc charles n deglopper do to recieve moh
although severly wounded he volunataril placed himself in front of a large forcem drawing heavy automatic weapons fire white covering the withdrawal of an encircled platoon
where was private john r towle form
cleveland ohio
when did private john r towle recieve moh
21 september 1944
what did private john r towle do to recieve moh
armed with a rocket launcher he single handedly and without orders moved into an exposed fighting position and broke up a german counterattack of 100 infantymen supported by two tanks and a half track before he was mortally wounded by a mortar shell
where was first sergeant leonard funk jr from
braddock township, pennsylavana
when did first sergeant leonard funk jr recieve moh
29th of janaury 1945
what did first sergeant leonard funk jr do to recieve moh
after leading his unit he captured 80 german troopers . then enemy by means of a ruse, captured to fort american gairds,freed the prisoners and prepared to attack the understreghted germans, funk walking around a building had a machine pistol thrust into his stomach by a german officer. pretending to comply with the surrender demand he slowly unslung his thompson and with lightneing fast motion riddled the officer and led his men in resisting the enemy, killing 21 in the process