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One of the reasons credited for low voting participation is
not voting is costless
the motor-voter debate is controversial in california because
it would make voting more open to illegal immigrants
which of the following generalizations about group voting tendencies is true
Protestant voters tend to be more liberal than Roman Catholics on economic issues
While 80% of the people vote in many European elections, about ____ people typically vote in American presidential elections.
d) 50%
Those who prefer to participate in politics by forming and joining non partisan groups and dealing with various issues in them are referred to as
Those who stay out of electoral contests and community organizations but will contact officials to deal with specific problems are called
parochial participants
studies of non-voters suggest that, had they voted in recent presidential elections,
the outcome of most elections would have been about the same
About ___ percent of the American population are completel inactive (they rarely discuss politics or vote and are not involved in organizations)
Compared with Europeans, American voters are offered the opportunity to vote
more frequently
Campaigners are distinguished from the general population by their
higher education levels and stronger opinions
which of the following statements about the voting habits of men and women is correct?
men and women vote at about the same rate
adoption of the australian ballot enabled United State citizens to vote
in secret
individuals between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one could vote in a presidential election for the first time in
In the 20th Century voter turnout in US presidential elections has generally varied between
50 & 60 percent
In the latter part of the nineteenth century (1860-1896) voter turnout in US presidential elections generally varied between
70&80 percent
Until about 1890 ballots were printed by the
political parties
In this country about ___ of the voting age population is registered to vote
The most important changes in elections have included all of the following except
direct populat electionof Representatives in the House
those who are inactive in politics tend to
be relatively young
in states that have instituted same day voter registration, the effect on voter turnout has been
a slight increase
The best evidence suggest that Americans
are voting less, and participating in politics more
When one refocuses analyses of voter turnout in the last fourteen presidential elections to VEP measures, it is clear that
voter turnout has generally declined in the most recent elections
Political demonstrations have been used by
antiwar activists, farmers, truckers, civil rights activists, teachers
Those who cast ballots in elections but engage in no other form of political participation are called
voting specialists
All of the following were methods to keep African-Americans from voting in the South except
marital status