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What are 7 diseases of childhood and adolescence? What are the causative agents of each?
1. Measles - Rubeola virus
2. Mumps
3. Mono - EBV
4. Poliovirus
5. Chicken pox - VZV
6. Whooping cough - Bordatella pertussis
7. Diphtheria - C. diphtheriae
So what is the viruse that causes measles?
What is the oral cavity sign of measles?
Koplik spots
When does Measles become deadly?
When it turns into pneumonia
What type of cells in the lungs are diagnostic of Measles?
Warthin-Finkeldy giant cells
Is there a vaccine available for measles?
What is the nonsystemic manifestation of measles?
Blotchy reddish brown rash on the face, trunk, and proximal extremities.
What is the causative agent of MUMPS?
What is Mumps?
A transient inflammation of the parotid glands
Does mumps only cause inflammation of the parotid glands?
No it can also be see in the testes, ovary, and pancreas.
How is Mumps transmitted?
By respiratory droplets
Is there a vaccine for mumps?
What is the causative agent of Chicken pox?
Varicella zoster virus VZV
How is VZV transmitted?
By aerosol droplets
How does VZV disseminate in the body?
What is the physical manifestation of VZV?
Widespread cutaneous lesions
How does VZV get into the CNS to set up latency?
Via infection of satellite cells in the DRG
What are the intranuclear inclusions seen in VZV identical to?
Those seen in Herpes
Why are the vesicles that erupt on the skin in chickenpox dangerous?
They are susceptible to secondary infection because the vesicular clear fluid is very itchy.
What is Shingles?
The reactivation of a latent form of VZV in the dorsal root ganglia
Why is Shingles so painful?
Because it affects specific dermatomes based on the level of drg infected.
What is VZV a member of?
The human Herpesvirus family
What are the 7 important human herpesviruses to know?
What does HSV1 cause?
ORAL skin and mucosal vesicles and ulcers
What does HSV2 cause?
GENITAL skin and mucosal vesicles and ulcers
What does VZV cause?
Chickenpox and shingles
What does EBV cause?
Infectious mono
What does CMV cause?
Infections in immunocompromised patients and Congenital infections.
What does HHV6 cause?
Exanthema subium in infants
What does HHV8 cause?
Kaposi's sarcoma
How are human herpesvirus infections diagnosed? Why?
Via serology - because of the latency period that makes culture impossible.
What can happen in immunocompromised hosts with herpesvirus infections?
Dissemination to the brain
What are the cytopathic features of Human herpesvirus infections?
-Cowdry type A intranuclear inclusion bodies
-Multinucleate giant cells
What is the characteristic arrangement of the heterochromatin in Herpesvirus multinucleate giant cells?
What type of symptoms does CMV cause in HEALTHY people?
-Mono-like illness
What does CMV do to neonates and immunosuppressed patients?
Causes DEVASTATING infections
What does CMV do once inside a host?
Remains latent in leukocytes
What are the 3 pathologic features of CMV?
-Focal necrosis
-Minimal inflammation
-Cytopathic changes
What is West nile virus?
What transmits West nile virus?
Mosquitoes to birds and mammals