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Define Forcible Entry?
Gain access when normal means are blocked, locked, or non existent
Name 4 categories of forcible entry tools?
Cutting, Prying, Push-Pull, Striking
Name 4 ways doors function?
Swinging, Sliding, Revolving, Overhead
Name 2 types of Fire Doors?
Self Closing and Automatic Closing
Name 3 types of wood swing doors?
Panel, Slab (solid core and hollow core), Ledge
Name 3 types of Metal Swing Doors?
Hollow, Metal Covered, Tubular
Name 4 types of Overhead doors?
Sectional (Folding), Rolling, Steel, Slab
Name 4 types of Locks?
Mortise, Bored (Cylindrical), Rim Lock, Padlock
Name 4 types of windows?
Checkrail, Casement (Hinged), Projected, Jalousie (Awning)