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chemical bond
force that holds two atoms together
positively charged ion
negatively chared ion
the electrostatic force that holds oppositely charged particles together in an ionic compound
ionic bond
cpounds that contain ionic bonds
ionic compounds
ionic compounds whose aqueous solution conducts an electric current
energy required to separate one mole of the ions of an ionic compound
lattice energy
one atom ion such as MG plus 2 or Br
monatomic ion
charge of a monatomic ion
oxidation number
ions made up of more than 1 atom
polyatomic ion
proposes that all the metal atoms in a metallic solid contribute their valence elctrons to form a "sea of electrons
electron sea model
electrons present in the outer energy levels of bonding metallic atoms-are free to move
delocalized electrons
attraction of a metallic cation for delocalized electrons
metallic bond
mixture of elements that has metallic properties
the chemical bond hat results from the sharin gof valence electrons
covalent bond
formed when two or more atoms bond covalently
use electron dot diagrams to show how electrons are arrangedi ncolecules
Lewis structure
single covalent bonds
sigma bonds
formed when parallel orbitals overlap to share electrons
pi bond
occur when a agreater amount of energy is required to break the existing bonds in the reactants than is released whe the new bonds form in the product molecules
endothermic reaction
occur when more energu is released forming new bonds than is required to break bonds in the initial reactants
any acid that contains hydrogen and an oxyanion
uses letter symbols and bonds to show relative position of atoms.
structural formula
condition that occurs when mroe than one valid Lewis structure can be written for a molecule or ion
when an atom donates a pair of electrons to be shared with an atom or ion that needs two electrons to become stable
coordinate covalent bonds
model used to determine the molecular shape
VSCPR model
a process by which atomic orbitals are mixed to form new, identical hybrid orbitals
results in unequal sharing
polar covalent
simplest ration of the ions represented in an ionic compound
formula unit
polyatomic ion composed of an element usually a nonmetal bonded to one or more oxygen atoms