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Albany Plan of Union
Proposed by Ben Franklin to create one general govt. for 13 colonies
Treaty of Paris
Agreement signed by British and French. End of war and French power in NA.
Proclamation of 1763
Colonist were forbidden to settle west of the Appalachian Mts.
Sugar Act
British tax on molasses
Stamp Act
British tax on all paper products
Townsend Act
British passes new taxes on paint,lead,paper,glass and tea. Could inspect without a warrant.
Tea Act
Bypass tea merchants to sell directly to the colonist, and buy more tea from the British
Intolerable Act
Shut the Boston port, could not hold town mtgs. without permission more than once a year
Ohio Valley
Area inhabitated by French, British were moving into it. Tried to take over trade with Indians.
Fort Duquesne
French Fort at the point in Pgh. along the 3 rivers
Fort Pitt
Renamed after the British defeated the French.
Ft. Necessity
Washington built stockade to fight French, but the British and Washington lost.
Battle of Monongahela
Boston Massacre
Crowds gathered to protest taxes. Soldiers panicked and fired into the crowd killing people.
Boston Tea Party
sons of liberty, dressed as Native Americans throw tea into Boston Harbor
Lexington and Concord
British troops move to Concord to look for colonist's weapons. Fight happens. British retreat to Boston
Sons of Liberty
secret patriotic society organized to oppose British rule
Continental Congress
12 of the 13 colonies gather in Philadelphia