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What were the Pilgrims and why did they come to Massachusetts Bay Colony?
1.Came from the Plimouth Colony
2.Wanted religous freedom
3.Were a type of Puritan
*Bonus~What happened in 1629 in England?
Revolution in England
Wht one power does the king not have? Who has it?
The king didn't have power over money (because of the Magna Carta). Parliament controlled the money and the taxes.
Why was Plimouth founded?
Because of religous freedom
Why was Massachusetts Bay Colony founded?
Because of political freedom
What happened when Plimouth and Massachusetts Bay joined together?
They became Massachusetts
What institutions are important to Mass. Bay?
1-RELIGION!!! (Example: People were almost all Puritan)
What is the Puritan Ethic? What did it later become?
The Puritan Ethic are laws made that conform to the Puritan religion and lifestyle (everyone had to folow it.) It later became the Christian Ethic
What dos religion (as an insitution) affect?
It affects politics
Economic Insitution:
-always had small businesses
-later on, they whaled
How did the Pilgrims get to Mass. Bay?
The got money and land from the king (who wanted them to leave)and went to Mass. Bay
What is "Pure Democracy?"
Where everyone has a say
School Year:
-driven by ariculture
-religously controlled
-learned the three "R's"
-school marm-a women teacher