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What is the difference between a food web and a food chain?
The difference is that a food web shows all the eating relations in an ecosystem while a food chain shows the path an organism takes when eaten. (from one organism to another in a straight line)
What is terrestrial and aqautic ecosystems? What organisms lived in each at Watson Homestead?
Terrestrial-Means organisms that live on land. Examples are the salamanders, slugs, and other insects
Aqautic-Means organisms that live under water. Examples are the crayfish, wolf spiders, and moss on rocks.
What are some examples of labels you need in a food web?
You need:
1)A title
2)Producers, primary consumers, secondary consumers, and 3rd level consumers
What way should the arrows be pointing if an Osprey eats trout? Why?
The arrows should be pointing from the trout to the Osprey because the trout is giving the Osprey energy.
What are producers? Consumers?
Producers are organisms that produce their own food. Consumers are organisms that feed off of other organisms.